This is Outrageous, the Consumer Gets Screwed Again

Sony has redesigned its Portable Playstation, removing the UMD Drive, providing a smaller screen, and smaller case. Sounds good right? Despite the smaller unit without UMD we're going to be asked to pay more! The most expensive part of the game machine is the UMD which is being replaced by a flash drive (hard drive) which is much cheaper to produce. Even worse anyone who currently owns UMD based games will be out of luck, as all games will now be on a flash drive.

I urge anyone who is considering a new portable gaming system to instead buy a Nintendo DSi, don't let yourself get ripped off by Sony. It's high time we consumers start fighting back against deceptive business practices. I just can't believe that in this economy they would be so stupid to pull something like this! The PSP has been struggling and this may well bring it down.


I know whatcha mean!! ...

I know whatcha mean!! Seems everything is made so cheaply now that it lasts for maybe 4-5 years and then, rather than fixing's cheaper to just buy a replacement!! Funny how it's made cheaper...but the prices aren't adjusted to reflect that!