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DON'T tell me 'they' are NOT out to get rid of CHRISTIANS in this country!!! | MyPetPeeves.com

DON'T tell me 'they' are NOT out to get rid of CHRISTIANS in this country!!!

http://www.worldnetdaily.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=98895 By Drew Zahn


Rules is rules. If the law ...

Rules is rules. If the law says you have to have a permit, then get a permit. If you have a certain amount of people going to a certain place during the same period of time for meetings then it constitutes a permit regardless of where it's held. There's a difference between that and a gathering now and then.
Lest i get flamed-I agree that Christians are getting a raw deal in a lot of aspects of life and i agree it must be stopped. But if you are told you must get a permit to do something and don't do it then yes, there will be consequences.

:::duckingfromthethingsbeingflungatme::: AHHHH...stop!

Ok then I am sure that the ...

Ok then I am sure that the county would not have a problem if they were having orgies at there house. Or if a bunch of gay people got together and had an orgy. How come the county officials are not harassing those people. Or how about the parties that people have at there house do they need a permit.

I agree with Timmar in ...

I agree with Timmar in regards to the Rules is rules part of his post. If these people want to run a church they should have to run it in a proper building just like every other church in town. I support people's right to worship but i wouldn't want all the cars parking in front of my house, walking across the lawn, litering, and being pain in general. I wouldn't mind this once in awhile but not every Sunday.

I do disagree with the part where you say that Christians are getting a raw deal. Christians are still the majority in this country which won't change anytime soon. I will also point out that the Christian church still has plenty of clout in this country which they use to bully plenty of people.

Last I remember; a bible ...

Last I remember; a bible STUDY was a far cry from going to church! But whatever, I am 'alright' with this as long as I start reading stories that gatherings at a home where the # of people exceed the 15 people the permit law requires. I wanna see, as I wrote. NBA Finals parties being broke up, WAKES being broke up, summer BBQ's being broke up, etc.

Is that so much to ask?

Exactly right Walter bible ...

Exactly right Walter bible study is not church. What about college parties how come they are not being broke up. The rule is stupid and is just targeting one group of people. I bet it is payback for the gay marriage thing.

A group of people getting ...

A group of people getting together for religious study sounds an awful like a church to me.

who is "They" anyway. ...

who is "They" anyway. Could you sound any more paranoid if you tried?

Funny thing is that I might even believe the story is true if you were able to find one credible respected web site that it's posted on, not the wacko right wing republican sites. By the way, did you happen to hear just how extreme white power and all that shit they've become? A full 89% of republicans are white!!!!!!!!! HELLO!!!!!!

Now, even if the story was contrived, and it really doesn't matter, infringing on other families' rights to privacy and peace in their neighborhood without having a full blown institution and countless visitors coming and going in cars and trucks they call "SUV's" all the time is their right. You have a problem with that? That is NOT a problem with religion. No decent religious folk would even think twice about it once the neighbors have complained that it is upsetting their calm neighborhood with all the extra traffic and loud sounds. They may very well be of the same religion but they may also practice the Golden Rule. The self riteous nutcases that think they actually have a claim to what's right , and yet are 89% white (having driven everyone else off with their sinister lies whenever they claim to not be bigot bastards, are still not learning. They are dinosaurs and incapable of learning. They have no respect for the rights of others and even used a sick and twisted ad on their official GOP web site comparing a high ranking woman senator to a movie character called "Pussy Galore". Now that just shows how low they will stoop - so far. Tomorrow they'll stoop even lower. Just wait and see. They're violent murderers when they don't get their way, shooting and blowing up unarmed doctors who are husbands and parents and brothers and sons. They couldn't get a whole lot sicker in the head if they tried.

Just more paranoid fear ...

Just more paranoid fear mongering.

It's all they have left.

Such poor poor sad and lonely loser republican'ts they are. How desperate of them.

Yeah, we should be ...

Yeah, we should be covering the Abortion doc's killing MORE than what slim coverage has been given to the RECRUITMENT killings! THAT is even 'better' eh, TGIX? Or, since we are all about giving 'equal' coverage, why didn't ANY of the media notice that FANNIE MAE and co had a certain 'not yet a president, but was a senator' Obama on the board? Or was that not 'kosher' to cover?

Oh sure, go ahead and blindly tell us WE are blind whilst walking straight towards a cliff! Kinda like you are probably STILL doing with teh GLOBAL WARMING SCAM!!!

BTW, all it took was a ...

BTW, all it took was a second to look to the San Diego LOCAL newspaper The Union-Tribune, to see the truth of what happened.


Oh sorry, they are ...

Oh sorry, they are probably not good enough for you, eh?

Never heard of it. Know of ...

Never heard of it. Know of the city. I'm sure they have more than one "the LOCAL newspaper" too LOL

For some strange reason I find that in general the smaller the publication the more sensationalist they tend to be while the larger networks have to be more responsible, often that's even by law that compels them to be better than the smaller independent local rags.

LOL this 'small rag', as ...

LOL this 'small rag', as you say, is the oldest business in San Diego County and the oldest newspaper in Southern California, The San Diego Union-Tribune is the product of a merger of The San Diego Union, founded Oct. 10, 1868, and the Evening Tribune, founded Dec. 2, 1895.

But of course, since YOU haven't heard of it, it MUST just be a small 'nothing' paper, right?

Of course, the Union-Tribune DOES have a larger circulation than the USA Today, the LA Times COMBINED. Of course YOU might think a circulation of 340,799 daily and 442,600 Sundays is not that big, but again, it is still LARGER than the LA TIME & USA TODAY.

The world doesn't begin NOR end with your little pin-hole view of the world, get over yourself!

So they're old and bigger ...

So they're old and bigger than some smaller rags? wow. i am sooo impressssed.

Maybe you can tell us which of the major media recognized any value at all to this so-called news story.

Whatever with you, keep ...

Whatever with you, keep making my point. If YOU didn't hear about it, it never happened. Once again, I am so unimpressed with you and your narrow mindedness tunnel vision of anything outside of Baltimore 9or whatever little state you live in)

No matter how much proof ...

No matter how much proof you give TGIX or any other liberal radical they will never admit they are wrong. For one reason and one reason only to push there agenda. TGIX knows that this story is true however he will never admit that the goal of the democrats is to destroy religion.

Yeah, you nailed it. I ...

Yeah, you nailed it. I might as well come clean. We have an extensive until-now underground network, an alliance of bases strategically placed all over the country with close proximity to places of worship. Each one has powerful paper shredders at the ready for when the signal is given.

We count among our allies Staples, Office Depot, FedX, Airborne Express/UPS, Mail Boxes Etc. and more. So you see we are the most formidable foe. We have the manpower, the hardware, volume transportation to every business and home in the continental 48! You can not prevail. It is pointless to try. Surrender now. This offer is time limited and will not be repeated. The clock is ticking, either count your bloody rosary beads or count your dough, hand it over to the tax man and above all stop all that drinking of blood and eating of some poor bloke's body crap. It's bloody repulsive don't you know?

Alright then. That's done. On to the second biggest blight of the human race. It shall be done even if it takes working on the seventh day!

Oh yeah, that second ...

Oh yeah, that second biggest blight? Brittany Spears. And while we're at it, we must outlaw all she stands for to truly resolve the issue. Therefore it is decreed that there will be no more dumb blondes, no more fake blondes, no more bimbos, no more sex, no more temptation.

Look, it isn't my idea. If you ban one thing you have to ban everything, right? I mean you can't have marriages for men with women and ban marriages between a man and a man or a woman and a woman so I do believe we're onto something here. Extremism is good! Everything to the Extreme! ETTE!!!! EVERYTHING TO THE EXTREME! Woo Hooooo! What fun it'll be. No taxes/100% taxes... Complete thermo-nuclear destruction of the entire human race/John Lennon's "Imagine...Absolute Prohibition on anything and everything that might possibly make you feel good by ingesting, inhaling or whatevering/Complete legalization of everything right on down to West Virginia's nastiest corn squeezin's. Or little Bobby's hits of nitrous oxide off of the Redi Whip can. Hell, might as well also ban abortion but allow domestic violence (how else are men once again get control over those bumbling wives?) and corporal punishment in school for children of all ages. Spare the rod spoil the child after all. Beat some sense into them! Yeah, that always works. Let's go not folks. We've got a lot of work to do.

Personally, I agree with ...

Personally, I agree with 'spare the rod, spoil the child', but this is no surprise as I have stated my stance on THIS particular matter before. Now, as to the rest, I say why not ban abortion AND ban domestic violence/ If one, then ALL like you say, right?
LOL you will NOT get any argument from ME concerning Ms Spears! May as well throw Lohan into the mix as well. And what has Paris been up to lately? Maybe she has 'learned', but I am still not sure about Tara Reid. That is just the FEMALE celebrities. The male celebs aren't much better, IMHO! For THAT matter, let's take ALL members of 'radical' organizations and lock them up FOREVER! no bail, no appeals! So, that would make 'disappear' members of whatever that group Palin is a member of, the NRA, the Weather Underground, the Aryan Brotherhood, the Nation of Islam, etc. (well, I guess we may as well throw in members of that radical group, the US CONGRESS! They have more criminals than even the NBA and NFL combined! Speaking of those two, let's throw them in as well, along with the NHL and the MLB! Too many druggies, eh?

NOW We're Talkin'!!!

NOW We're Talkin'!!!

Only one problem with that ...

Only one problem with that Walter some people like TGIX only think republicans are radical.