O dumbshit is not going to release photos


Why is this you ask? Because the dems are in this enhanced interrogation as much as the republicans are. TGIX thinks that it is all Bush however it is not. TGIX would make you believe that the democrats are all pure and good. However we now know that Nancy Polosi not only new about them but funded it as well.

FOXNews: Report: Aide Told Pelosi of Waterboarding Use


He will release them, mark ...

He will release them, mark my words. His excuse will be his hands are tied and he has to.

Might I say, mad vulcan, ...

Might I say, mad vulcan, you should have a bit more respect for our president. You may not like him or agree with him, but he's still our president. So resorting to name calling each time you post about him is beyond juvenile-it's just pathetic.

nancy peloser sucks afghan ...

nancy peloser sucks afghan donkey cods.

Then you and she have ...

Then you and she have something in common.

*politics* yuk!

*politics* yuk!


ROTFL rkinne01!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!