O.K. THIS is truly pathetic. . . .


Dear Friend,

I'm very sorry if I am in anyway disturbing your privacy with my Proposal, I write you my proposal with the tears in my heart and the saddest thing that would happen to someone of my age in same day by losing two important thing in my life for just one day which are my parents and I pray may the good Lord keep their soul in peace for me. I will really appreciate it if you could treat my proposal to you as urgent as I really needs your help toward this my proposal. I am using this means to introduce myself, my name is Grace Sarah Smith, I am 25 years, from London - England, where I school and work as a fashion designer after my lectures so as to enable me put food on my table.

I am the only daughter of my parents (Mr. & Mrs. Smith) my father died on a fatal auto accident on his way to see my sick mother at the hospital where she was admitted for cancer of the blood treatments, she also die when she heard about the death of my father in same day and hospital. Before the death of my father (Mr. Prager Smith), he willed his Real Estate & Petrol Stations Business to me and a sum of


Scam. I get several of ...

Scam. I get several of these emails sent daily to one of my email accounts.

What a hussy! Doesn't she ...

What a hussy! Doesn't she know you are already married?
LOL they are getting more and more creative and pathetic. Some sucker is gonna fall for this and get taken.

I KNOW!!!!

I KNOW!!!!

That's the thing that ...

That's the thing that pisses me off the most..is that some sucker will send her money!!

I see these scams daily and forward them to yahoo (who does nothing)...Microsoft...(who do nothing), etc.

After hearing on the news that there's not much they can do about these people because they live in nether regions that can't be tracked, etc. If people are gonna be sooo stupid as to fall for this crap..it's they're own damned faults if they lose money because no common person with a brain in their head would fall for it!!

They DID catch one person just a few weeks ago that had made multimillions off people that feel for his scam. They nailed him..and one buddy of his that were running this scam asking people for cash to run a business from home and in the two months that they were running it...they had already made multimillions...which they have to give back to all the people they scammed.

This says nothing about these people that go online and post sob stories....please help me..I'm parentless and trying to help my two brothers and sisters from going hungy as I try to continue my education.

It's bogus and anyone that knows any kind hearts out there..tell them not to fall for it..it's a complete and total scam..as we all know!!