Facebook Scam!


Facebook is falling prey to a widespread phishing attack today that tries to steal your login and spam your friends.



Thanks, posted the warning ...

Thanks, posted the warning to MY FB crew. Of course, there is one person that is sending (without her knowledge) a video with a virus (Trojan?) inside of it. Anyway, because I have a great anti virus program running, it wouldn't get into MY pc, however, DESPITE my warnings, it already crashed at least FIVE pcs out there. Including the 'originator'. Oh well, thanks for the heads up all the same.

Yeah, I got a weird email ...

Yeah, I got a weird email earlier this week from facebook about fake logins. Those people need to get a life and stop wasting everyones time with internet scams.

it's the same like with ...

it's the same like with myspace. sometimes when people would go to myspace.com it would re-route to a bogus site like "myspace.space.com" and steal your password and hack into your site. the way I get around this is I bookmark the same URL that I KNOW is right so I don't have to type it in every time.