"Best Buy"


God I hate dealing with this company! I bought my current computer 2 years ago with an extended warranty which says that if the computer required the same repair 4 times, then they'd give me a new PC. Well I've had the motherboard replaced 4 times now so I've asked for the new PC. They tell me that they won't replace the PC because the mother board was replaced for a different reason each time! AGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHH!

Each time the board went out no one could determine a cause, so there is no way to determine if it was the same thing happening over and over again or if it was random problem(s). I shouldn't be surprised, Best Buy is just another corporation looking to get out of honouring a contract. Lesson learned I won't buy another warranty from Best Buy.


They aren't the only place ...

They aren't the only place like that. Car dealerships also. I had a vehicle I took in for the A/C at least 6 times. They say each time it was a different issue. Whatever, the A/C didn't work all six times the same way. GRRRR. I feel your pain.

most place are head over ...

most place are head over heels to BEG you to get an extended warranty BUT when it comes time to NEED it, it's like pulling teeth! I too have a best buy issue.

as you all know EVERYTHING in my house is new since aug 29, 2005. all of our tvs and appliances and entering their 3rd year in my home being that we moved back home in June 2006. well we got 2 tv's for 2 of my kids at best but, same identical tv, a Toshiba. well about a month ago, my oldest daughter's tv had sound but no picture, don't know why. and my son's tv, bought at the SAME time has like a rainbow prism shadow effect happening on HIS screen but he can still use it...for now.
well David went to best buy to tell them about my daughter's tv not working and a girl there said there was a recall issued on that particular tv! wow, so David then proceeds to call Toshiba to inquire about how to get it fixed. GUESS what THEY said!? that there was NO recall AT ALL on that TV!!!!! WTF!? so now we either try to get it fixed or get a new one, or really two new ones since the other is almost out too. BUT the thing is people DON'T seem to sell TUBE tv's anymore! what we have now are 20in. tube tv's with built in DVD players. all we can find now is those flat panel tvs and with a dvd in it, it's a MINIMUM of 300.00 for a 20in.!!!!! SO we took it to a repair shop that is only charging us 35.00 to look at to see what's wrong. so we're waiting to hear from them now. but this is just RI-DUNK-U-LOUS! these tv's aren't even 3 yrs old YET and going/gone out!!!

That's why I'm always ...

That's why I'm always afraid to buy an extended warranty because..of things like this!!

It's like..when you buy an extended warranty you have to ask.."what if THIS happens.."..and 'THIS"??

Extended warranties should apply to anything and everything regarding the same product purchashed!!

it's still the ...

it's still the Motherboard!! COME ON!! WHAT a ripoff!