O dumbshit Golfs while a potential Pandemic outbreak.


While O dumbshit golfs people are getting the swine flu. His track record is horrible. He orders steak from Japan at 100 bucks a lb on the tax payers dime. Then orders Pizza and spends 11 grand on it tax payers dime. Now he is out golfing while there is a national emergency. Man if Bush did any of this the lefties would be having a fucking heart attack. Calling for investigations into misuse of tax payers money. I now am calling for an investigation into O dumbshits misuse of tax payer money.

What a heartless bastard.

WASHINGTON -- President Obama went golfing and the Department of Health and Human Services is short a secretary, so other U.S. officials took the controls Sunday as the Obama administration ramps up efforts to find and isolate U.S. cases of swine flu.

Meanwhile, as Napolitano, Besser, presidential homeland security adviser John Brennan and White House spokesman Robert Gibbs addressed reporters, Obama golfed with Commerce Secretary Gary Locke, Trade Representative Ron Kirk and White House aide Marvin Nicholson.

The White House permitted journalists no opportunity to video Obama golfing. Gibbs denied that the rare weekend White House briefing was designed to minimize attention that otherwise might have been paid to a presidential golf outing during a public health scare.


How soon they ...

How soon they forget.

On 911 Bush heard the news of the World Trade Center being struck by an airliner, acted as though it was nothing (very much many say as if he expected it) and then continued reading the book "My Pet Goat" to grade a bunch of kids.

To compare the two is like comparing torture, and the absolute need to charge those responsible for those crimes, and a couple of people who had sex. There is NO comparison but the republicant's can't get these simple evident facts through their thick skulls.

Oh yeah, and that was no ...

Oh yeah, and that was no "potential" problem such as the one you speak of which requires ZERO immediate action from the President.

To go on reading a childrens' book to little tykes when our country was so horribly attacked, and to act as if it did not matter whatsoever, as if he even expected it, was beyond strange, it was highly suspicious and it was as un-presidential, as incompetent as anyone could possibly be. I can't imagine a janitor without a high school diploma sitting around doing absolutely nothing while a building he is responsible for was attacked that way let alone a President!

Bush was the most miserable failure, treasonous even, and President Obama is the exact opposite. You just can't stand that can you? - - - GOOD!

You idiot republican'ts don't get it, never did get it, never will get it and above all else you don't deserve to get it. You try to find fault where there is none in our greatest leader in the past 9 years, one who is charged with sweeping up the COLOSSAL bungling Bush Buffoonery that has torn this country to pieces, destroyed our economy costing millions upon millions of lost jobs and homes and entire retirement savings that took a lifetime to build up. He's destroyed health care and is directly responsible for the masacre of thousands and the maiming for life of tens of thousands of our brave young soldiers.

Go away until you get a brain, or I should say unless you get a brain. LOL!

You lost. Deal with it. You lost by a landslide because your guy was no better than Bush and that's almost impossible but McCain sucked, Palin sucked worse. They have no common sense, so I can see why you'd like them, but we need intelligence and morality and that is so long gone from the tax and tax and tax and tax by borrowing republican'ts who put us in such monstrous debt.

Just leave already. No one wants to read your idiocy here. We come to peeve, not to go on trying to rewrite history about your losers you support. There are forums for that. This is not the place for you.

If Bush would have gotten ...

If Bush would have gotten up and left the room when they told him YOU WOULD BE BITCHING HE TERRIFIED THOSE CHILDREN. No matter what he did in that situation YOU WOULD HAVE COMPLAINED. No matter what he would have done it would have been the right thing so fuck off.

Just in case you are to stupid to understand it which you are if he would have stopped reading that book you would have said he terrified those children. Bush did the smart thing you idiot he kept reading the book so he would not alarm the children WHAT PART OF THAT DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND YOU COMPLETE AND TOTAL IDIOT TGIX.

If one is to LEAD BY ...

If one is to LEAD BY EXAMPLE, then obuma is the most miserable failure this country has ever put in the White house. Give me one reason why he and his cohorts can't just eat whats on the daily menu, instead of importing outrageously expensive cuts of beef and pizzas from several states away. Knowing full well that thousands of good Americans are trying to scrape by on food stamps. And all the while asking for suggestions on how to cut waste. What a bunch of BUMS.

So he should starve? Do ...

So he should starve?

Do you know what Bush ate and what he spent on food or where it all came from?

I GUARANTEE he ate imported food almost daily and it was cheap. Want proof? Will you agree to apologize here in public, in writing, and profusely (as profusely as you protested our President's food) when I show you what he ate, where it came from and what WE paid for THAT?

If you had even a hint of integrity you would agree to this challenge. Let's see just how low of a worm you are when you dance around it instead and refuse to stand up as a man with a backbone because you are unable. You are a worm.

J'acuse. Now how about it?

I meant to type "and it ...

I meant to type "and it was NOT cheap".

Worms rile me up when they blather the way you do.

You are in for a very rude ...

You are in for a very rude awakening when your hero finally sheds his skin and is exposed for the Alien (as in illegal) he is......

You worms are SO ...

You worms are SO predictable! LOL!!!!!!

I said you'd dance around the issue.

You refuse to accept my challenge.

What a W-O-R-M.

Just prove what you say ...

Just prove what you say TGIX and stop playing fucking games. No is saying he should starve but he used tax payer money and it cost 11 grand to get those pizzas. Plus steaks that cost a 100 bucks a lb. There are 50 plus cooks at the white house O dumbshit has 4 personal cooks. I know my friend worked there. Plus O dumbshit has a chef. So why does he have to eat this expensive shit when he has plenty of good food right there in DC.

Um, I challenged YOU to ...

Um, I challenged YOU to prove it.

Can't do it?



Chalk up yet Another one for the facts and you get another minus 100 points for your absolute lack of integrity.

So folks, what else is new? LOL!

TGIX is sooooo childish. ...

TGIX is sooooo childish. HE dances around the issues and resorts to name calling. When he's cornered he starts calling everyone unpatriotic. Typical liberal tactics!

TGIX is a 2 year old ...

TGIX is a 2 year old retard. I can prove mine he can't prove his. Not only that it has been plastered all over the news. He knows it he just being a fucking smartass.