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Get over it Miss California you lost due to your own stupidity. She should have just as well called the guy a fag (excuse the language), instead of using thinly veiled homophobia.

I like this part: "And as the first loser, Prejean is the one America is talking about. "Everybody is going to know her name. If anybody is going to do well, it will be Carrie Prejean," Hauslaib said." I think this person is mistaking fame for infammy, and she'll only get her 15 minutes. No one remembers the winners of past pagents much less runner ups.

On a side note how does Perez Hilton qualify to be judge of the Miss America pagent?


queers, male AND female, ...

queers, male AND female, would do well to quit trying to force their warped agenda on Straight America, because it makes them ( the queers) more obnoxious then they already are, and they (the queers) will never bring Straight America around to their twisted way of thinking.

Please tell me, what is ...

Please tell me, what is this warped agenda your talking about? I bet your just spewing crap you've heard and have no idea what you're talking about. I'd be "obnoxious" too if someone were to deny me my rights.

Are you sure it was "Perez ...

Are you sure it was "Perez Hilton", a guy who is a blogger and who's real name is Mario Armando Lavandeira, Jr., or are you referring to Paris Hilton? I've seen a LOT of people using that name when they are clearly talking about Paris Hilton who is definitely NOT a guy. LOL!

Put a homo in a silk suit, ...

Put a homo in a silk suit, and you still have a homo.

I could always tell Diolma ...

I could always tell Diolma is a closet type gay. Homophobes always are.

I hope it doesn't prompt a Kellermann. Even someone as low as Diolma must have something to offer. I admit I do get a good laugh out of the illogical postings when they're silly enough. They may be meant to be taken seriously but I don't care; I can laugh at 'em and laughing's always a good thing.

I am not fond of homos.

I am not fond of homos.

Diolma, A biggot hiding ...

Diolma, A biggot hiding behind a Bible is still a biggot.

Mad I'm sure they are not ...

Mad I'm sure they are not fond of you.

By the way Diolma why I am ...

By the way Diolma why I am not surprised you didn't answer my question. People like yourself are only capable of making statements without knowing the facts.

rkinne, their (the queers) ...

rkinne, their (the queers) agenda is not exactly a secret, now is it? Stealthily change state laws, e.g. vermont, assachussets, etc. so they (the queers) can "marry", try to indoctrinate little children by corrupting their schools with filthy, subversive books like"susie has two mommies" etc. etc., treat "celebrities" like ellen degenerate in such a way that they (the queers) eventually appear to be normal, which of course they will never be. And let's not forget "nambla", that organization which seeks to legalize sex between children and adults.... as I said your agenda is not exactly a well kept secret, now is it??

The state laws were ...

The state laws were changed by the voters and not some secret society bent on world domination.

Have you even read of the books you're rabidly ranting about? I have. The books seldom ever mention sexual orientation, the same sex parents could simply be two straight males or females raising children together. If you actually picked one these books you'd know that. In this day and age of single welfare whore and child support deadbeats, having two parents for a child is a godsend irregardless of sexual orientation.

Ellen is normal. She works, entertains, walks the dogs, pays taxes, eats, sleeps, and showers like everyone else does.

NAMBLA? No one supports them other than possibly the churches based upon recent events (priests, nuns, and deacons molesting kids). It seems to me that a kid is safer in a gay bar than at church. Gay people don't molest kids; pedophiles do, you're just spreading old stereo types that have been disproven time and time again.

God I can not believe how truly mis-informed you are, ignorance truly is bliss. If you're going to be homophobic at least try doing a little research instead of spouting off the same old tired crap.

rkinne only one state was ...

rkinne only one state was changed by the voters. The others such as California Fagachussettes was by there supreme court. rkinne churches do not support Nambla you are just doing that now to inflame. Yes the church did cover it up and they should have paid the price.

Boy am I glad the Boy Scouts told the fags to fuck off. Could you imagine the first sex scandal involving a faggot? Ya just what the Boy Scouts need.

Sorry but being homo is not natural and not the natural order of the world. Now saying that I could care less what anyone does in there bedroom I really don't give a fuck. Just do not shove your gayness values down my throat. lol you know what I mean no jokes just like I don't want the church to shove shit down my throat.

http://www.cnn.com/2009/US ...


And how many have you personally been responsible for killing?

Funny thing how the ...

Funny thing how the bullies are always the ones who were bullied and later they try to fill their empty self esteem by doing the same to others.

So tragically sad.