Cell phone companies........GRR!!


Ok...I signed a contract with US Cellular two years ago and bought a decent phone. A year into my contract I needed a new charger which I was told, they no longer made anymore..but they made some calls and luckily..I found a US Cellular store in my area that happened to have one.

US Cellular has this policy now that, when you have certain phones, they will swap out the batteries for you at no charge so when my battery quit keeping a charge..I went in and they swapped it out for me. I should have figured that it was a probably a used battery probably from a used phone they had in the back..but it worked fine for a few months.

Went in yesterday because the battery they'd given me a few months ago was again..not holding a charge so I figured I'd get another battery swap. They told me that the phone I owned was too old and that they were no longer swapping out batteries for that phone.

Too old?? The phone is only 2 years old (yeah..the duration of my US Cellular contract!!)...and that my contract was up and I was eligible for a brand new phone.

Gee how exciting while they charge me $60 bucks to transfer me to a new plan...I get to pay money for a brand NEW phone when I'm totally happy with the one I own!! Granted, chargers come with new phones..(some do..some don't)..but that doesn't include a quick car charger that would set me back at least $25 bucks!!

While discussing this with them I asked if they had those new UNIVERSAL chargers that are supposed to save on all these useless chargers that people have to throw away when they buy new phones and their reply was, "Unfortunately..we don't at this time."

Imagine that!

What gets my goat the most is the idea that an individual buys a cell phone..signs up with a new plan..and then all of a sudden, the batteries become obsolete..the chargers become obsolete...all just to make a fast buck and make you buy a new phone.

Just another case of corporate greed!!


Cell phone companies suck, ...

Cell phone companies suck, but we pay it just so we can have that phone no matter where we are. I can't wait until my contract is up next summer so I can go shopping for a new phone/plan. In Alaska you had THREE choices of cellphone companies, that's right- THREE. Talk about choices huh?

As soon as mine is up I'm ditching AT&T and finding something cheaper. I stopped texting so I don't care about that (except for the few random texts I get from my mom), and I really don't use many minutes. The plan I have with AT&T is their cheapest plan, and I STILL don't use all those minutes!! My rollover minutes are maxed out EVERY month.

I am keeping my fingers crossed that I don't have any problems with my cellphone right now, cause I'm sure it's "out of date" and I'd have to buy a new one, and with a new phone comes a new contract, and FUCK THAT!!!

They make it sound great ...

They make it sound great on the commercial don't they.

I just logged in to my ...

I just logged in to my account and checked: my contract is up 6/2010. 8 more months.... I also looked up t-mobile, and I can get almost the same exact plan with them for WAAAAAAAAAY less!!!! I can't wait for this 8 months to be up!!


6/2010 was last month.

What's the most irritating ...

What's the most irritating is that my cell phone works just fine (except for the battery that doesn't hold a charge).

And it's funny how they change their product line all the time..forcing people to have to buy new car chargers, etc.

Seems you buy a Nokia..they drop that line. Then you buy a Kyocera..and they drop that line also. I'm more than happy with my cheapo cell phone that I paid $10 bucks for and when I looked at the phones they had to offer for a new plan...they had switched to Samsung...LG..and Motorola....in addition to elevating the prices for the phones when you sign a new contract.

It's not only that but...even though the phones come with a charger..they want you to buy a car charger..which everyone needs...in addition to the $65 bucks they charge you to transfer you to a new contract...blah blah blah.

I told the sales rep that the company is just shooting themselves in the foot..and I'll go online and pay a little more for a battery before I'll sign another contract with US Cellular and spend more money than I have on a brand new phone.

It's all corporate greed. Nothing is universal anymore and it's ridiculous cos these companies have ya coming and going and they know exactly how to get you to spend an extra buck!!

We use only pre-paid cell ...

We use only pre-paid cell phones! No contract and we know exactly what we are paying. However, I just said that to insert into the 'corporate greed' line to nominate at least ONE corporation that does NOT appear to be 'greedy' to ME.

As most of you know, I have Multiple Sclerosis. I also am not working. The medicine I use is NOT cheap ($1200 a MONTH with insurance!!!), however, since I 'need' to take this med (I really don't, I could just take my chances without the med) they are GIVING ME this med! When I say, 'Giving' I mean GIVING AT NO CHARGE WHAT-SO-EVER! I don't even have to pay shipping, AND when i am low, (they send it in three month doses), they AUTO SHIP!!!! Now THAT is a Good Corporate citizen! The makers of Avonex, I formally thank you (and the other ms drug makers, as they do that as well)!

I hate the cell companies

I feel sorry for those with AT&T and especially those with I-Phones, you have my sincere condolences if you do.  They have the WORST service of any of the companies out there.

I hate the companies ditch the phones so quickly!  I bought and Eris from Verizon a month ago which was only released on December 2009 but it's already being retired to make room for newer phones. I'm on the hook for the next 2 years for a phone that has been discontinued, Nice!  I'm thinking I may go buy an extra battery while I still can.

I also hate that you HAVE to buy a data plan for smartphones. I don't need 3g service, i just wanted to make phone calls and use wifi once in awhile but to get a smart phone you have to subscribe. BAH!

In regards to our OP: They do that hoping you'll just throw up your hands and just buy a new phone. Check Amazon I bet you can buy the batteries or charger pretty cheaply. As far as the fee goes try a little "black mail", tell them you've found a carrier that is willing to sign you up and odds are that US Celluar will waive the fee to keep you. 

Tip: Amazon had the Eris for a penny.


Got smart

Coming to the U.S regularly was EXPENSIVE with my Canadian Pay as You go phone.

Earlier in the year, I bought a U.S pay as you go phone LOVE IT. NO CONTRACT for this kid either in Canada or U.S. Believe me we get ripped off BIG TIME here. $2/minute roaming once I hit Buffalo.

My company also allows me to roll over minutes. ADDED BONUS


I have trac phone and it is

I have trac phone and it is good. But I am going to switch to net 10 they are cheaper.

Pre-paid is the way to go

Well, the original post is like a year old but I see other comments that are recent so I don't feel like an idiot chucking in my two cents.  Yeah, I'm an ex-U.S. Cellular customer, I couldn't WAIT for my two year contract to expire so I could kick them to the figurative curb.  Like, two months before my two years was up, I was talking to them, asking what I had to do to ensure that my contract was terminated at the end of the contract period - I wanted to make sure they didn't pull some additional crap on me, like an automatic contract renewal if I didn't proactively have it terminated; I've had that B.S. happen before as well.  I will say that I never had any problems with their signal coverage, but they sold me an absolute piece of s**t phone (a Motorola Q9c - Motorola, U.S. Cellular, and Microsoft [it used Windows Mobile] should all be chucked into the seventh circle of hell for vomiting that handheld abortion onto an unsuspecting humanity) which I could not forgive them for, and I was paying way too much for service in relation to what I actually need.  I'd decided I was definitely going to go pre-paid - it is a really viable option now and a good deal if you don't need a bucketload of bells and whistles, and it's losing it's stigma of being just for "ghetto" people with horrible credit and drug dealers.  So, as is mentioned in an earlier comment, I went with Net 10 - 29 bucks for a decent little phone that does absolutely everything I need a phone for and 25 bucks a month for 750 minutes and good coverage.  And I'm footloose and fancy free, if I decide I don't like them, I'm just out 29 bucks for the phone which I could probably sell to someone and get most of that back anyway.  Good to go.  I hope this doesn't look like a spambot post advertising Net10, they were just my choice, there are several good prepaid options out there.

I have smartphone and its so

I have smartphone and its so good. No contract...