I'm Alive!!!


Oh man, I swear every time things settle down for me they pick right back up and turn into more craziness!! I am still living at the beach, and still love it here. I had a change of job though.... It came with a pay cut but I know money doesn't buy happiness, all I need is enough to pay my bills. I love the new job, it's at a hotel working the front desk. Here's my peeve about the last job:

So I was working for a car shop, the front counter girl. They had told me when they hired me that they had gone through about 10 people in the last two years. After hearing the old bookkeeper robbed them of over $50k I didn't think too much of it. After my first week I hated the job, and hated the owner. There was a total lack of communication. People would call and talk to him about what was wrong with their car - then he'd give them an appointment and a quote. But he never once would put this information in the computer. So in walks the customer saying "Well So-and-so said I should be here at this time and it would take x amount of time and cost x amount of money" and there's me looking and feeling like a jackass cause I have no clue about any of it!!!

Then the owner liked to yell at EVERYONE for things they didn't do. The techs in back would be yelled at for something they knew nothing about. Then one day he walks up to me and opens up something on the computer and starts yelling at me - and want to know who's name was on there?? HIS!

So I started looking for a new job and within a few days had it. I was going to give two weeks notice, but the place was hoping I could start sooner. So I thought about where I was working, and all the crap they put me through, and the disrespect I was treated with, and I decided one week notice was enough. So I gave my notice, and he didn't say much to me. Then that evening when EVERYONE else was gone he approached me. He said "so there's nothing I can do to get you to stay" to which I said "no" (he's been married and divorced 4 times already so I can tell he's not going to fix his communication problems for an employee). Then he says "That's just fucking great cause I just booked a cruise yesterday and spent X amount of money buying you fucking uniforms"...

I bit my tongue. I thought about saying "What's the problem, you can't get me to stay so you want to try to pressure me into it" but I didn't. I kept my mouth shut. The next day the bookkeeper asked me if I would be willing to come in for a few hours the week they were on their cruise to help HER out, I said sure cause she's nice and I don't mind helping her. So the week before I was supposed to go help her out I posted on my facebook how I wasn't going to have a day off for a few weeks, because I was going to be working two jobs. The owners fiance goes on and bashes me on my own post!! She says I lied when I took the job from them and that I only took it to find a different job. I decided to bite my tongue again (being I was past my week notice and no longer an employee there) and I deleted her from my friends and deleted her post.

The next day I called the owner up and said "Due to the comments your fiance made on facebook..." then he interrupted me to say "well you need to talk to her about it". And I said "No, I don't. You BOTH were in the room when you hired me, you BOTH interviewed me, you BOTH are in charge of that company. Her comments shows me how unappreciated I am for coming in AFTER I QUIT to help your other employees out so I will not be coming in to help now."

A few days later I was driving past the shop and I thought about going in to confront the fiance bitch that posted that. I can't believe she was so chicken to have to post it on there and couldn't say it to my face when I was at work there. I decided against it - I would rather keep my peace of mind and not add any bad karma to my life. They can add to theirs all they want, but I'm going to be the bigger person and let them wallow in the shit pile they made for themselves.

But I love my new job. :-) I meet all sorts of cool people and hear all sorts of cool stories. I wish the pay was a little better but as long as I pay my bills I can't complain!!


WOW girl...GREAT story!!! ...

WOW girl...GREAT story!!! um and HELLO you're on FACEBOOK NOW!!?? us veterans from here are on there ALL THE TIME!!! get with us!!!! I'll go find you...if I can.

GOOD for YOU, AK! So tell ...

GOOD for YOU, AK! So tell me, where ARE you in FB???

Walter and AK can add me ...

Walter and AK can add me on facebook

Congrats on your new job ...

Congrats on your new job AK...and thank God you got rid of the other one!!

There's nothing worse than going to work for a company that treats you soo badly!! I had an obnoxious boss like that once too!! Nothing I ever did seemed to make her happy and she was never afraid to come to my desk..slam something down and tell me that it was just plain unacceptable!!

I had no computer but a stupid rinky dink typewriter that I had to type all her crap on. Instead of Excel, she used to print off all these stupid blank Excel sheets and I had to use the typewriter to type all the information into the little boxes (how stupid!!). The office was sooo half assed backwards it wasn't even funny!! The trainer that was supposed to be training me gave me little training and was never available for questions, etc. The salesguys were always coming to me with stuff they didn't have time for and all I had was that stupid rinky dink cheap typewriter to type their stuff with. The head honcho had all these other under the table businesses going on and I had to answer the phone with a different business name depending on which line was ringing. UGH!!

I used to go outside on my breaks and sometimes pay bills..make lists of things I needed to get done, etc..using another portion of the big fat notebook that I had my worknotes in and then would leave the notebook in my deskdrawer. One day my boss called me into the conference room and when I went in, she was sitting there with my notebook in front of her.

She says to me, "I've noticed, according to this notebook..that you've been spending worktime paying your personal bills and that is absolutely UNACCEPTABLE!!" I told her that I was not using my work time to do personal things and that I was merely using another portion of the notebook to keep track of things while working on them on my lunchhours....in my car.

Then she came along with, "That is just unacceptable and won't be tolerated..you're here to do a job..not waste work time." It's like she didn't even hear a word I said and the veins on her forehead were so obvious I thought she was gonna blow one right there!! Then she says to me, "Oh..and another thing...I didn't appreciate that you lied to me during your interview saying that you had all this experience..when obviously you don't!"

First of all, what was she doing going through my desk?!

Second of all..I didn't lie during my interview!! Would have been nice had I gotten more than just a mere HOUR of training and even THAT was split up because the trainer was always excusing herself to go run her OWN job!!

So she says to me, "You have ONE week to get your shit together (yeah..that's exactly what she said.. and then picks up the notebook...tosses it at me..and storms outta the conference room.

What a b****!!

The next week wasn't any better as no matter what I did..she was on my case for it and called me into the conference room again. "This obviously isn't working...you LIED during your interview..can't do ANYTHING right..and I'm gonna have to let you go."

Fine with me as I couldn't wait to get the heck outta there. She threw the paperwork at me to sign and before I even had a chance to read it or sign anything..she was storming outta there slamming the door behind her.

After I had been outta there for a few weeks, I heard that they had caught the head honcho for fraud and that everyone that worked in that office was let go because they were supposedly thought to be a party of it.

Thank God it wasn't my problem!!

Again AK..good luck in your new job and congrats!!

beach??? I thought you ...

beach??? I thought you were in Reno? lol
Sounds like things are going good -toher than the jerk boss and fiance.
Welcome to FB-I am with Walter and Dawn, where are you????

Congratulations on the new job, I hope it works out. Great to hear from you

RK - where are you??? You ...

RK - where are you??? You too WA, where are yas?? I'm on Dawns now, and posted a "where are they" so if you see it - send me a request!! (with a personalized note so I know it's you and not some stalker).

Reno?? How come everyone thinks I'm in Nevada?? I'd consider the move there but the summers would be too hot and I'd die.

Timbuk - that sounds like a ROTTEN job!!! I'm glad I didn't stay at mine long enough to see if that would have happened to me, as I'm sure it would have. Some people just don't have a brain or something - to say you lied during an interview, that's just beyond me. I just can't wait for Karma to come around to them, which I'm sure it will.

I love my new job though, and think it's something I can do for a long time. It's such a positive atmosphere, and I love the variety of people. The other day I met some guy from England that rode his bike across Canada, and is now heading down the West Coast. After this he's going to Australia, then attempting to ride around the rest of the world. Talk about a great person to meet and talk to.

I was actually missing work yesterday - I have Monday and Tuesday off, but I was actually missing work and would have rather been there then at home. It's great to have that feeling again!

Thing about the Hotel ...

Thing about the Hotel business and I worked in it with the military is that you can work your way up fast if you are motivated. You might be getting low pay now however take every school they offer you learn everything you can learn. I managed the hotel up in Canada for the military started out as a desk clerk only took me a year before I was running it. But the military is much faster then civilian. But still you can work you way especially if you take on more duties and responsibilities. Congrats.

rkinne, ANY time you ...

rkinne, ANY time you request me, I will accept!

I don't think I can work ...

I don't think I can work up at this company, it's a small business and they only own 3 hotels (two of them in this town). I figure as long as I'm there for a year, year and half, then I can look into a different hotel. I'm kinda on this traveling kick now, so I might look into a chain hotel so I can travel from one hotel to another. How fun would that be??

Yeah..I know. I listen to ...

Yeah..I know. I listen to people all the time telling me how much they hate their jobs..that their bosses treat them like crap..but they have no choice but to stick around..considering the economy.

I was lucky to be able to collect unemployment from my last temp job...and that's another peeve...temp services that hold you by the gonads and can let you go at the drop of a hat should you need time off..call in sick, etc.

But no more temp jobs for me!! I finally got a REAL job full of benefits..18 days of paid vacation the first year that you're there...medical, dental, and vision insurance the first day that I'm there, etc!! I'll have to drive a mere hour to work everyday..but after a year that I'm there..I'll be able to work from home!!

I am totally ecstatic..and it's about time as I worked my ass off to find a good job like this!! It's in my field..plenty of room for advancement..and right now..I'm in my glory for once in 9 years working for the stupid temp services!!

Wooo Hooo!!

Um YEAH!! Add me on FB too

Um YEAH!! Add me on FB too there girlie! I am alive too, I haven't been on here in quite a while. (I keep up with everyone on FB - cept TGIX, not sure it would be a good idea to have him as a FB friend lol)

Speaking of TGIX... I haven't

Speaking of TGIX... I haven't seen him since I got back..

Is he still alive?