Employers SUCK!!!!!


Okay, after almost 10 years next month in my company, I get a 3 DAY SUSPENSION.

Reason?? As most of you know, I work in a call center and is based on #'s. Well, according to management in my company, if we don't meet certain targets, this is now classed as a 'customer mistreat' Yup you read right 'customer mistreat'

What a load of crap. It's amazing how little companies care about their employees. UNBELIEVABLE.

As far as I'm concerned this new policy is a violation of employee rights and is harrassment 101.

If anyone has the audacity to tell me I should be grateful to have a job, I'd tell them TRY doing mine.

Our stress levels are through the ceiling. This needs to stop and stop NOW.

And this is what I get for 10 years of service, I don't take this lightly and have my plans.

If you are feeling like you are being harrassed in your work place, DON'T take it, your physical AND mental health is FAR more importatnt.


WalterTH3rd, I'm sure you ...

WalterTH3rd, I'm sure you are right.

Problem, my company is a BIG Canadian company and I'm sure has it's own host of lawyers to deal with us little people.

It would be worth consulting a lawyer even though we wouldn't stand a chance.

But, there's nothing worse that a company hates than negative publicity ESPECIALLY when it comes to staff treatment.

If the outcome doesn't go the way I want, I am threatening to go to the media.

What a load of crap!!

You worked for a company for over 10 years...day in and day out trying to make their customers happy..and they have the audacity to downsize you??  That's bulls****!!  I know how I'd feel if a company did that to me..especially working in a high stress job like customer service!!

I feel your pain as I've worked in customer service.  Management sits in their babel towers making all the decisions to line their pockets while their CSR's have to take it on the chin with all the customer complaints. Along with customer complaints..the CSR is supposed to do everything they can to keep their business!!

I feel for ya hon and I'm sorry you lost your job.  Hang in there and hopefully there will be another job out there that will actually make you wanna go to work!!


But CANADA is a 'Worker's ...

But CANADA is a 'Worker's PARADISE' isn't it???

But, be sure you place ...

But, be sure you place your protest in FRENCH as well as English!

I used to have stress I ...

I used to have stress I didn't quit the company I just moved to a less stressful job in it.

As an holder of an MBA in ...

As an holder of an MBA in HR, I am absolutely positive your company has broken SEVERAL labor laws to say the least. Perhaps it is time to seek counsel?

RKINNIE, yes the targets ...

RKINNIE, yes the targets were posted, BUT with the system we have it is VIRTUALLY IMPOSSIBLE to meet. These targets are UNREALISTIC as they expect us to do EVERYTHING while on the phone with the customer including sending escalations. Maybe I'mtoo old for this, but from what I hear from other co-workers, they are stressed to the max. If you like, send me an e-mail and we can compare notes

Dawn, yes, I am seriously considering another job at this point, I'm pushing my photography as that's what I'd like to do. No job is worth this kind of stress and thanks for the support

I also work for a call ...

I also work for a call center, we have no control as the amount of calls coming in. How are you supposed to control the amount of calls coming in? I feel for you.

Have these "targets" been posted before the suspension?

THAT is horrible!!! after ...

THAT is horrible!!! after all the time you've worked there!!!??? I say LOOK for another JOB!! sucks to do after so long but that kinda stress CAN'T be good in the long run.....FOR EITHER OF YOU!!! YOU OR RKINNE!!!

Fuck Canada.

Fuck Canada.

AKsnowbunnie, I think, I ...

AKsnowbunnie, I think, I get what you say, but regardless, I still live here, at least for now!!!

Sorry, I forgot you live ...

Sorry, I forgot you live there.... I'm not a fan of Canada. When I drove through on the move from AK to Oregon it was on fire, I was kinda hoping it would burn down.

AKsnowbunnie, no problem, ...

AKsnowbunnie, no problem, I have a total love/hate relationship with my country as I'm sure most do.

You all may see me come south some time

Come on down, we'd love to ...

Come on down, we'd love to have you!!! Just do it the LEGAL way unlike the people coming from the south!

55 is my next life goal, ...

55 is my next life goal, so who knows

I think you have to realize

I call this tactic "passive layoff" ... laying people off and firing people are both pretty expensive for companies.   If they create a more hostile and stressful work environment, they encourage you to find your own way to quit.  That way they save all the added costs of THEM letting you go.