My day started like any other. Except at 5am Abby woke us up to go out. Ok, fine. She is let out and then comes back to bed a few minutes later after she goes poop and pee. At 5:33 she pukes on the bed. I get up to clean it and discover she puked up a nylon sock. Urgh! No wonder she hasn't been eating. So I go back to sleep, alarm wakes me up at 6. I crawl out of bed at 6:30. I take a shower, dry my hair and walk out the bathroom into the dark hallway. As I take my first step my heel kicks something. *please be the rubber chicken. Please be the rubber chicken* I turn on the light....poop. I kicked poop with my heel. SO, without saying a word, I wash my foot and I clean the mess (thankfully I didn't actually step on it). I finish getting ready and leave the house. I get in my car and remember my tank is almost on E. So I get gas. Get to work and have 2 mystery boxes on my desk cluttering it. Fine. I drink some coffee, tastes like ass. So I get a glass of water. Phone begins ringing. A lot. Then I get to order lunch for a few meetings.
I put that task aside so I can work on a halloween display by creating "spider family portraits." Long story. But I keep getting interrupted with phone calls. Most either hang ups, telemarketers, or automated calls. Urgh! Ok. Fine. Then I'm asked to do a print job. Ok, that's fine. I print one off no problem. I go to pick it up. Not there. I then realize I printed it to the wrong printer. So I have to go back down the other end of the hall and get it only to find someone there already rifling through the papers I printed. She says hers are mixed in with mine. *sigh* So I go back to my desk and send the other job. It's then I realize it's 86 pages and I just send 9 copies to the printer. So a few minutes later a coworker comes to me asking if I'm the one using up the printer. She starts bitching about how her team requires the printer and if I can use the other printer. Urgh. So I cancel the job and only 4 completed copies have been made.

Aside from the various things going on at work, I am 1-2 months behind on all my bills. I had to call my landlady (which she didn't answer) and leave a voicemail asking her if we can send her half the rent on the 1st and the other half next month. Can't wait until she calls back.

Can I go home now?


Aww, marty. :-( LOL, ...

Aww, marty. :-(

LOL, Vulcan. I really hope I never find out what ass REALLY tastes like. lol. And the "Hope and Change" is working out SOOOO well. *sarcasm alert*

Actually, the bills pilling up is my fault. I forgot about my insurance and overspent. Causing me to go negative. I have yet to get back on track. BUT luckily my landlady is letting us pay only half the rent now and the other half later. Allowing us a chance to play "catch-up" on our bills. Woot!

Wait you how do you know ...

Wait you how do you know what ass taste like?
Oh and how is that hope and change working out for you.

I know about the bills I have been there and it is not fun. When my wife got hurt on the job that was 18 grand out of our pockets a year with bills up the ass. We worked through it and finally got it straightened out. Took 10 years.

I know the feeling, see ...

I know the feeling, see the post I made to-day and you can see the fun I'm having.


Hey Dawny wawny! Glad I ...

Hey Dawny wawny!

Glad I could be your entertainment tonight. lol. *bearhug*

DAMN GIRL!!!!!!!!!! and ...

DAMN GIRL!!!!!!!!!! and when u were talking about Paul.Mike, I was gonna say it was gonna be the SAME person!!!! we have 2 people like that around my job!!! your life is such a novel for me!!!!

Oh, yippee...something ...

Oh, yippee...something else I just did to make things better.

I was given a UPS label to fill out. IT gave me the recipients address. I filled in the address and when I went to fill in OUR information I noticed it was already filled in....with the recipients info. SO I filled in the recipients info in OUR area. Making the whole thing filled in with thier info. URGH!! Seriously?! Did that seriously just happen?! It was a label FROM the recipient so I have to find out if I can use one of ours or something.

I want to go home.

Oh...and to top it ...

Oh...and to top it off...

My boss asked me to trim down some contracts because they were printed on the wrong size paper. Ok, no problem.

The very first page of the contract (you know, the page with the signatures on it) I trimmed down too small. I misread the ruler on the paper trimmer and trimmed it about an inch too small.

Not sure if I want to laugh or cry. XD

Oh...and I forgot about ...

Oh...and I forgot about the creme de la creme!

last month I received an expense report Paul [lastname]. Not signed. I try to email Paul. No email exists with his name. Urgh. I put the report aside and wait to hear about it later. Yesterday morning I'm notified by a Michael [samelastname] that he never got paid for a report. I go through my log and nothing. He has never turned anything in to me before. We go back and forth. Others got involved briefly, etc. Today he finally sends me a screenshot of the fed ex tracking number to the report he says he sent last month. I put two and two together and look at Paul's report. Same report number as Mike. What....the....fuck!?

Apparently PAUL'S middle name is MIKE. His email address is Mike [lastname] while his expense report is Paul [lastname]. Dipshit! Effing dipshit!! Stressing me out that I lost your report or something just to find out your a dumbass for using two different names! How the hell am I supposed to know your middle name is Mike?! GAH!

OMG girlfriend...been ...

OMG girlfriend...been there done that!! And WE'RE the ones that are supposed to keep the office running smoothly!! LOL

If there's one thing I ...

If there's one thing I don't hate more is a shared copier where people rifle through yours and their paperwork..and then just put it off to the side..whether on a table....etc. Why not just leave it on the copier where you're gonna look for it after they pull their shit out???!!!!!!!!!!!!

I mean...where is the ...

I mean...where is the FIRST place you're gonna look for the stuff you sent to the printer??! ON THE PRINTER!! You're busy...want that copy ASAP..and then have to spend half the day looking for it cos someone just threw it aside?? UGH!!