Funeral Peeves

We buried my grandma a week ago today, and I have some peeves.

First to her self centered step children and their kids, go screw yourselves! You couldn't be bothered to show up for any of the 4 visitations we had or the funeral, shame on you! As far as I am concerned they can all crawl into an open grave and bury themselves.

Secondly, to the bitch who not only didn't stop for the procession, but also had the nerve to flip us're damn lucky I didn't get your plate number! By the way my bird was bigger than yours.

Third, if you have young children that can't sit still PLEASE leave them at home. Someone bought their 3 year old to the service, he ran around making an ass of himself while the parents did nothing! I finally got the funeral director's attention who told them to either take the kid out to the lobby or to just leave.

Finally, whats with people that skip the visitations and funeral but then crash the after funeral dinner? Some people called ahead and let us know they couldn't make the services, I was cool with that but the rest of them who showed up unnannounced were just tacky.


rkinne, I agree. I would ...

rkinne, I agree. I would like to 'defend' the FEW crashers that show up and actually HELP more than those that were invited! For instance; when Francesca & I got married, there was only space for 100 people, so out invitations reflected that! One of my co-workers showed up with his date (actually, he proposed to her the next week), with a gift! As if THAT wasn't enough, they BOTH stayed until the WHOLE wedding was finished to help clean and make sure our gifts got back to our house! THOSE are the kind of crashers EVERYBODY needs!

First of all, I am soo ...

First of all, I am soo sorry for your loss.

Second of all, I'm sorry that you had to deal with such a bunch of idiots during a very difficult time for you.

I just don't understand the audacity of people these days..especially when it comes to funerals. You have 4 visititations and a funeral and the step children couldn't attend a single service?? Now that's really sad!! Yet, I'll bet they show up for when the will is read..waiting for their names to be called for that almighty buck!! Those are the people that'll go over to the house and take everything they can get their hands on....and it's obvious that..if they'd cared..they would have showed up for the services.

The folks that let their kids run rampant during the service is another one!! For those types of people...everybody is a built in babysitting service. It's no wonder their children are brats!! Had it been me, I would have asked a relative or something to please ask those people to leave as the children were creating a distraction. There is just NO excuse for bringing young children to a funeral service as they can't sit still or stay quiet long enough for others to enjoy the service.

The one that passed the funeral procession and so rudely flipped you off......OMG...I can't get over THAT one!! What a b****!

And then there were the ones that couldn't go to any of 4 visitations...yet show up for the free meal!! What the heck is WRONG with people these days!! sympathies at the loss of your grandma. Try to keep the good memories of her services in your heart while disregarding the morons who tried to ruin it with their selfishness.

Oh, I am sorry for you ...

Oh, I am sorry for you loss. I should have lead with that, but it is not a great 'head' day for me. So I apologize for the rudeness.

So the funeral director ...

So the funeral director DID ask them to leave the service.....good for you!! I hope the parents were embarrased as hell!! Served em right!

Sorry for the loss. Next ...

Sorry for the loss. Next time ram the bitch that flips you off.

Some of us realize that ...

Some of us realize that Death, and all the accompanying inconvenience it entails, is grossly over blown by "grieving" relatives. Nothing pains me more than to get stuck behind a funeral caravan that is moving along at the dizzying speed of ten miles per hour.

Who are you tell me or ...

Who are you tell me or anyone else that grieving is overblown? You must be one of these anally repressed dick heads that hold back how you feel, basically the type of person no one likes. People have the right to grieve for their loved ones for as little or as long as they like. It's the self centered jerks like you who have no respect for anyone except for themselves that have caused the erosion of common respect and decency in todays society.

How much of an inconvience is it to allow a "caravan" to pass? Christ, use the time to adjest your radio, make a cell phone call, eat, put on your make up, or to reflect on loved ones you've lost. Basically, take a minute to smell lifes roses. If you can't do that then you need help, find a cheap shrink to help you.

funerals and wedding ...

funerals and wedding brings out ALL kinds!! but I can't believe someone had the NERVE to flip you off DURING the procession!!! OMG!!! LOL, bigger bird than hers! good for you! and I don't agree with bringing kids to funerals AT ALL! unless they were closely related to the family member. but 3 is too young! and just like weddings when people only come to receptions, they only come to the repast to get free food!!!