Why are there sooo many idiots on the road??


I had to take a road trip today for an interview and I guess I'm just not used to heavy traffic..but do people ever wonder why there are so many accidents on the road??

1) Stop climbing up my ass in heavy traffic!! I can't go any faster than the car in front of me..and HE can't go any faster than the car in front of HIM..and so on. If I have to slam on my breaks..you hit my car and so on..so we'll be sitting there in a traffic accident for the next three hours while your ass was in such a hurry to get somewhere!!

2) There ought to be a law against those damned halogen lights that shine so bright in my rear view mirror that they practically burn out my corneas?!! Back the hell off before you blind me and cause a damned accident!!

3) Get off your damned cell phone in heavy traffic!! I still think they ought to make "No cell phone zones" on the highways...in school zones, etc. People just aren't paying enough attention!!

And that's just on the highway!!

Coming back into town today...I experienced three idiots pulling out of parking lots and not even stopping for oncoming traffic.....some chick yapping on her cell phone and not yielding for oncoming traffic cos she was too busy yapping on her phone and smoking her cigarette...some idiot in a double wide truck gunning it through a parking lot..whipping over one way..and then whipping a "u-ie" (and almost taking me out in the process while he flips me the bird for being in his way..)..


Then it brings up the questions?

1) Why..when people pull their cars into driveways, parking spots, etc...so they have to swing their car WAAY out one way....and then swing it back over the other way to park??

2) Why do people have to BACK their cars into their driveways/parking spaces while making all the rest of the traffic WAIT behind them??

3) Why..when I'm at a stop sign....do you have to honk your horn while I'M the only one in front of you that can see that there is oncoming traffic??

4) What's the deal with people driving through a parking lot like it's the expressway??

Too many people these days are in too much of a hurry to watch out for the other guy. And then when there's an accident..it's not only YOUR insurance that goes up..it's mine too!!

UGH....just my peeve for the day!!


I had an incident with a ...

I had an incident with a cigarette too! it was nighttime on I-10 and vision is more limited than during the day so I'm behind a car and all of a sudden I see something bouncing, red but little headed STRAIGHT for me, now being nighttime, I don't realize that it's a lit cigarette, so I swerve to avoid it then realize after I did that, that's only what it was!!!! TALK about being SO PISSED!!!!

rkinne01...that's another ...

rkinne01...that's another one!! People who smoke and talk on their cell phones while driving!! It's obvious they're steering with their knee!!

Oh..and ya gotta love the ones who carelessly flip their cigarettes out the window!! There oughta be a law!

It's just amazing how the authorities never seem to do anything about these wreckless drivers on the road, yet will stop people like the rest of us for speeding!!

Another near accident nearly happened to me today!! Someone was yapping on their cell phone (with kids in the car mind you!!) and pulled right out of a parking spot in front of me as I was attempting to leave the lot. Good thing I had good breaks or it would have been another accident. The driver never even noticed but just kept yapping on her cell phone..

What the heck is wrong with people that pay no attention to the rest of the drivers on the road?? THEY cause an accident and it's not only THEIR insurance that goes up...but mine too!! Do they CARE about the kids they have in the car and that THEY might get hurt should someone hit their car?? Obviously not!!

Opps I mean smokers who ...

Opps I mean smokers who drive while smoking

Add to the list smokers ...

Add to the list smokers who smoke while smoking, they're just as bad! Smokers also have a nasty habit of flipping lit cigarettes out the car window without much care of where they land.

Great Peeve!

OMG I'm SOOO glad I'M NOT ...

OMG I'm SOOO glad I'M NOT the only one that happens to!!! someone on a cell almost hit me one time, it woulda been a bad one too had I not braked hard enough. and those idiots who INSIST on driving while talking on the phone NEED to be in the right lane cuz they are TOTALLY OBLIVIOUS to the cars around them and drive WAAAAY too STUPID and SLOW!!!

I agree with all your peeves...TOTALLY!!!

Oh..and I just recently ...

Oh..and I just recently have another one to add!! Driving down our Main Street..in the left lane. Some idiot pulls out of the gas station parking lot...and swings into the left lane..almost hitting me...so he can park his ass in a bar parking lot!!

Don'tcha just love it? That hard up for a beer!!

Device to help eliminate bad drivers.

Might I suggest you equip your vehicle with a Dash Camera (I use an Oregon Scientific SportsCam), to record violations. It might even be the defensive 'proof' you need in court, should you be in an accident. {there is somewhat of a 'learning curve', to become proficient, in the camera usage}   Assuming you have a good relationship with your local law enforcement, you can make a copy of the Dash Cameras recording, and submit it to them.  Officers can't nail violators, unless they witness an infraction.  Having the incident recorded, including the vehicles make/model/description, and potentially license plate number and perhaps even the person/s in the vehicle, just might just 'take them off the road'. 

Don't we all enjoy watching the TV programs, whereby the cops Dash Camera, or a stores' security camera,  helps prove an incident? Well, who's to say the procedure has to be limited, to just recordings made by law enforcement, or security cameras???

 Heck, you can have a new hobby, just driving around town, making recordings for a new TV program!!!  Using a personal CamCorder, while driving, might NOT be a good idea, but  if you have a passenger, they can surely make the recordings.

BTW, Throwing a lit cigarette out of a vehicle not only is a potential hazard to other drivers, but is the MAIN cause of roadside brush fires. Guess who pays to extinguish those fires? I have no doubt there are laws 'on the books' against such activity.  If nothing else, it's littering.


This might not be legal in your local.  If you're knowledgeable enough with vehicle wiring [or have someone who is] place a switch which can be activated to cause your brake lights to NOT function selectively.  When the TailGator needs 'a wake up call', flip the switch, then hit the brakes. Depending upon their reaction time, you'll surely 'get their attention'.. Who knows, if you've got a ratty old vehicle, needing replacement, the TailGators insurance company just might buy you a better vehicle. {PS, don't get caught}

The Bottom Line is..

There are just too many violaters out there!!  Johnny Law is more concerned with seatbelt laws and drunken driving than they are with those yapping on their cell phone!!

I happened upon a situation about two months ago where a chick pulled out of a gas station right in front of an Emergency Vehicle.  She was yapping on her cell phone..her stereo was cranked..and she never knew the difference as the Emergency Vehicle driver knew enough to steer two wheels around her....

Seriously..I saw it!!  It could have been a very serious accident as she yapped on her cell phone as the ER Vehicle slammed on his breaks and steered around her!!

I called 911 and told them about the situation and they told me that they probably had it all on tape..and she wouldn't be on the road much longer.