TV Features We Should Have


TV Features We Should Have

1. Ad Blocker. Are you tired of all the ads across the screen that distract you from what your watching? This feature could also block those god awful logos on the screen, as if we didn't know what channel we're on! Hey USA and SyFy (ugh I hate that name) are you listening?

2. Give us a shock button on the remote. Talk show hosts really need some shock therapy, while my finger is on that button Nancy Grace will get all the help she needs.

3. Bad taste blocker: No more Jerry Springer show!

4. Screen fade and mute during commercials. The environmentalists should be all over this, just think how much energry is wasted showing commercials!

5. Auto leveling should be a requirement! Commercials seem 10 times louder than the shows, all Tv's should have this feature. I don't want Billy Mayes' voice rupturing my ear drums anymore.

6. A feature that would pass by any channel showing infomercials, especially from celebrities that NO ONE likes!

7. How about a remote that is actually comfortable in your hand? I hope I'm not the only who wishes for this...

8. How about a TV thats NOT a finger print haven? I'm sure you parents out there share my ire on this one!

9. Arrange the spots where you plug stuff into so you don't have to be double jointed to get to them and for gods sake put a small light in the area so we can see what we're doing!

10. Hey we have V chips that block objectionable content, upgrade those chip to include tele-evangelists, they make me throw up in my mouth a little everytime I see one. It's a shame these people are allowed to scam people out of their hard earned money, the TV networks exectutives should be water boarded for allowing this filth on TV. Fools and their monies are soon parted I guess.

11. We have blocks that keep kids from seeing stuff they shouldn't, lets see the opposite. Show me the adult content only, I don't want to watch Hanna Montana so block Disney for me!

12. Here's an idea: Include a feature that would allow us to rate content on TV, I'm convinced the Neilsen rating system is a scam. Give viewers a REAL rating system.


Hey who SAYS Jerry ...

Hey who SAYS Jerry Springer is a bad, waste of airspace??? I believe he provides a great service! Where else can a woman find out exactly WHICH of the FOUR guys she was with is the father of you children? Where else can a man tell his wife/girlfriend he is actually a homosexual with his OWN boyfriend? Where else, can we find out who hits hardest, the scorned gf of that gay man or the lesbian lover of his gf? I mean REALLY, where else can we get such fine entertainment that also helps (he does give his 'Final Thoughts' at the end of each show, right?)


Come on Walter..:P

Only FOUR guys??  Seems pretty mild THESE days for Springer.

My favorite is still Judge Judy...she says it all in just a few words. Love it when their mouths drop and she leaves em speechless!!

How 'bout screens that ...

How 'bout screens that electrify flies that land on them..that would be a good one too as it seems everytime I'm watching a good show..there's always some annoying fly or other bug crawling on the screen!

1. YES! This is why I love ...

1. YES! This is why I love the DVR concept - it's so awesome to pause TV and then fast forward through the ads. Or to tape it and fast forward. I would say that 99% of the time I watch TV now it's not live!

2. I would love to shock people when they say dumb shit!! If only they had it when Madden was announcing for the NFL. I would have shocked him ALL the time!!!

3. I think we should be able to choose what stations we want in our package. I don't want lifetime, or WE, or any of the news channels!!! Why can't I just NOT get any of them???

4. Great idea!!!!

5. I have felt that way for years. It's the worst when you lose the remote and some random commercial comes on BLARING - then by the time you find the remote it's over and you're still in pain!

6. Can be incorporated with #3?

7. Never really had a problem with this. I usually put a station on and it stays on.

8. YES. Or a dust magnet. There's always that ONE dot of dirt/dust on there..

9. When I lived in Alaska outlets were the WORST. If you were lucky the room had two. And no matter what, they were in the WORST position ever!!

10. AMEN!!

11. kinda like #3 again...

12. When I left AK one of the radio guys was accepted to do the Neilsen rating. He got a postcard that he was accepted, and when the package came in the mail - it was the application all over again!!

I agree!! Nothing more ...

I agree!! Nothing more unnerving then when a commercial comes on and the sound goes from normal to blaring!! Never realized how annoying Billy Mayes voice is!

well, we'll be seeing less ...

well, we'll be seeing less and less from billy mays anyway since he's 6 ft under now. and YEAH I would totally like to be a part of a REAL rating system! maybe where I can press a number on the remote to rate it would be nice!

To be honest..I don't ...

To be honest..I don't watch much tv and spend most of my time online to avoid the useless stupid commercials these days!

But one thing I DO agree with is how commercials up the sound when you're watching the time you look for the remote..the commercial is over...

I also see that they've replaced Mr. Billy with some English guy that is TWICE as annoying...and to be honest...those English accents bug the CRAP outta me anyway!!

In my opinion..they should all hire actors like the guy that plays the lead in House...he normally has an English accent..but in the show..he talks like an American.....and THAT I applaud!!