I got a feelin' that tonights gonna be a good night...


The song is stuck in my head.

Anyhow....Vulcan, I'm 'bout to kick you in the pupil. Hush with the Obama stuff. We don't care about every little detail with Obama as we can read the news for those updates.

My Rants:
1. Abby is an excited pee-er. So when I let her out after I get home from work she piddles all over. Then she jumps in her pee. Then she jumps on me.
2. I'm a broke-ass mofo.
3. I can't remember my paypal password to save my life. I requested the password with the "I forgot my password" thing but I never got an email. Now it's being weird and not working right. Dang thing.
4. I have heartburn. BLAST! And my Tums are at home.
5. I have a scab in my nose that feels like a booger. So I pick at it. Then it re-scabs. So I pick at it. Then it re-scabs....It's a vicious cycle in which I have to try and break.

My Raves:
1. True Blood ROCKED on Sunday!!!!!! "Bull sh*t. God has horns!"
2. I got all my work done today so the only thing left is the pricing report. BLAH!
3. It's nearing fall. *pokes Facebook post I wrote about fall*
4. My car had an oil leak, a burning wire smell, and was (recently) making a strange clicking sound. My dad fixed the oil leak. Which I later found out fixed the burning smell, which shortly after I foudn out fixed the clicking sound. GO DAD! The smell was the oil burning on the hot engine and the clicking sound was my engine running without oil. Yikes! Glad I didn't kill the engine.
5. I wore jeans to work today. Huzzah!
6. I get off of work in 30 minutes.
7. Hamburger Helper for dinner. Not a huge rave but it's better than no food at all.

Anyhow...I hope everyone is having a nice hour/day/week/month/year.


LOL, you're so nuts!!! ...

LOL, you're so nuts!!! I'm glad I get to keep up with y'all on FB instead of here, cuz I'm tired of all the Obama bashing posts anyway! this is a pet peeve site...NOT political shit! I can see a few political posts ONCE in a while but scroll down and that's ALL u see!!! anyway stop picking your scab booger, keep oil in the car, check your junk mail for your paypal email and stop eating shit that upsets your stomach!!! love ya!!!

You I would love to Canana ...

You I would love to Canana but TGIX and his daily rants about Bush just pissed me off till no end. Now the shoe is on the other foot TGIX just wants people to shut up. Sorry but I will continue. No fault of yours or anyone else on this board just TGIX. He thinks whenever some news comes along about republicans it is ok to post it. But yet it is not ok to post about Obama or the democrats.

Yep. you kill me. hehhehheh

Yep. you kill me. hehhehheh

Yeah, I've had a "scab ...

Yeah, I've had a "scab thingie" in my nostril once or twice, they drive me NUTS! And I LOVE HH, especially when you dump in a diced hot pepper and use rabbit instead of hamburger! (did I mention i'm from the south?) XOXOXO........

Strange. I thought I ...

Strange. I thought I posted a reply earlier. But it's not here. Grr!

Vulcan, I wasn't aiming so much at you but at all political posts. I've yelled at TGIX before, too. *hugs*

I think it is satan who ...

I think it is satan who has the horns. and a pitch fork tail. not.