Way to go Obama way to take care of our troops.


While hundreds of thousands of disability claims lay backlogged at the Department of Veterans Affairs, thousands of technology employees at the department received $24 million in bonuses, according to a report from the VA's Office of Inspector General. The report claims a recently retired official improperly approved numerous bonuses and "acted as if she was given a blank checkbook.


Look here asshole troll ...

Look here asshole troll who has run everyone off the site, you lie like this and then wonder why? Shocked? Then you must be rip roaring stoned fool.

We all know this which you left out "The inspector general accused one recently retired VA official of acting "as if she was given a blank checkbook" as awards and bonuses were distributed to employees of the Office of Information and Technology in 2007 and 2008."

That means these are BUSH thefts, they happened under HIS watch, and Obama is cleaning out the sewers left all through the White House. The stench is just too great for the Obama's to bear. They will not rest until it is all removed. You will be seeing a LOT more of the same. Brace yourself for it. And you might as well quit the lying, although I kind of prefer you continue making such an ass of yourself, it isn't working and it won't ever work. People aren't as stupid as you look.,

TGIX you dumb fuck you ran ...

TGIX you dumb fuck you ran them off with your rants about Bush long before I did. So just go fuck off. If you don't like then just leave this site ok. I ran no on off you did. You and you constant everyday rants about Bush. Now I rant about Obama and you want to blame me. Just like a fucking liberal democrat. Fuck something up and then blame others. Guess you can't take you own medicine can you asshole.

It is Obamas fault plain and simple he is in charge and he is the one that should be watching this shit. Just like if it happened under Bush you would say the same thing.
so just fuck off TGIX you started with the political stuff and do not blame me for what you did first dumb ass.