What is HILARIOUS is that it was a REPUBLICAN who added the end of life COUNSELING to the health care bill YET it is the Same Political Party that is acting as if it was Obama who created it.


The FACT is that end of life counseling is GOOD and the FACT is that it was a REPUBLICAN who Added it to the bill!

But HYPOCRITES are not going to change their stripes. How sick that is. How EVIL they are pretending it is an Obama creation and it's bad when it is NEITHER! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I do believe that someone ...

I do believe that someone is terminally ill should have the right to end his or her own life and they should be able to access medical professionals to provide help in doing so. Christ, dogs have it better, if Fido gets bad we think nothing of having him put to sleep. Where's the compassion for our fellow human beings?

Ahhh yes, TGIX, could have ...

Ahhh yes, TGIX, could have sworn it was the DEMOCRATS in Congress that OVERWHELMINGLY supported this! I wonder if 'they' allowed that in (if what YOU say is so) just to give themselves an 'out' when it BLEW UP IN THEIR FACE???

Kinda like the barest hint ...

Kinda like the barest hint of an uproar when the DEMOS accused Bush of Being 'Hitler-like' with 'HIS' policies,but are in an UPROAR when Obama makes VERY Hitler like statements in HIS speeches. ' 'Citizens to keep an 'eye' on possible threats OUTSIDE of the PD (like Hitlers folks, the ones that used strong armed tactics to get Hitler's way? ACORN anyone???)

Wrong but good try. It ...

Wrong but good try.

It was a Trojan Horse put in there by A REPUBLICAN in order to later try and blame Obama! LOL!!!!!!!!


Your calling Obama a ...

Your calling Obama a Hitler now Walter. WOW!!!!!!!!!

Go get some serious mental health counseling Walter. You need it. You need it like a fish needs water. Go NOW. Do Not pass "go" do not collect $200. Go STRAIT to that serous mental health counseling and don't come back here please until you are well. Thank you in advance.

Did I actually CALL Obama ...

Did I actually CALL Obama Hitler? I am pretty sure I did not. What I DID do was use the SAME language and comparisons that YOU and YOUR ilk used on Bush. However, UNLIKE Bush, Obama actually IS doing (or allowing his staff to do in his name) to do just these things.

So, I believe, as usual, it is YOU who is in need of mental health treatments!!! Perhaps Obama will have this covered for you when he pushes his plan through Congress, eh?

You know what you said. ...

You know what you said.

I know what you said.

In fact, EVERYONE here can easily read EXACTLY what you said.

You need to choose your words VERY VERY VERY carefully when you use such words. I think you are intelligent enough to know that. AREN'T YOU Walter?

Using such terms to describe a person is not only VISCOUS it is EXTREEEEMELY Dangerous.

One must NEVER go throwing around such EXTREEEEEEEME comparisons without the UTMOST caution. We're not talking about comparing our wonderful President with someone such as a petty shoplifter, you ARE comparing him to the most heinous evil monster EVER to have walked this Earth. That's not a simple little error or something one can excuse away by saying that's not really what they meant to say. You compare someone to that devil Adolf Hitler and you WILL be called out on it. To say ANYONE is like Hitler (unless they are so terribly evil as Hitler was) and you are LYING about it AND you are diminishing the most evil actions ever as if it was something less than monsterous and evil to the core as it was.

If you can't "get that" than go get help - go get help RIGHT NOW.

To compare our TERRIFIC and WONDERFUL President Barak Obama with the most evil person ever.... That's SICK. YOU would HAVE to be SICK SICK SICK to do such a thing. Get Help Walter.

Alright TGIX, once again, ...

Alright TGIX, once again, read what I said VERY CAREFULLY. I was saying what OTHERS had been REPORTING. In fact, I was comparing what I heard some REPORTERS (and non-reporters) say about Bush when he was in office, and then NOTHING when Obama was saying THE SAME STUFF!

I also noted how, like YOU said, Obama is apparently untouchable because people like YOU BLINDLY ignore WHAT HE SAYS/DOES and mark it off to someone like me (for instance) just trying to be 'evil'. IF Obama is so 'Terrific' and 'wonderful', why does his office ask us 'regular' citizens to 'report negative words' from ANYONE that doesn't care for the health care legislation? Isn't this a country BASED on FREE--SPEECH? Isn't THAT what happened in Nazi Germany, Communist Russia, and Communist China? Wasn't THIS country built on the premise that EVERY citizen has the RIGHT to THINK whatever we want to without FEAR OF OUR GOVERNMENT?

In Jewel v. NSA, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) is challenging the agency's dragnet surveillance of millions of ordinary Americans. The Obama Justice Department claims in its motion that litigation over the wiretapping program would require the government to disclose privileged "state secrets." These are essentially the same arguments made by the Bush administration three years ago in Hepting v. AT&T, EFF's lawsuit against one of the telecom giants complicit in the NSA spying.

"President Obama promised the American people a new era of transparency, accountability, and respect for civil liberties," said EFF Senior Staff Attorney Kevin Bankston. "But with the Obama Justice Department continuing the Bush administration's cover-up of the National Security Agency's dragnet surveillance of millions of Americans, and insisting that the much-publicized warrantless wiretapping program is still a 'secret' that cannot be reviewed by the courts, it feels like deja vu all over again."

So you tell me, BEFORE you contact flag@whitehouse.gov, to tell them what a NON-conformist I am, what does Obama have to do to be called 'Evil'? I am not saying he is, but it appears there are TWO states of being in your world, good and evil. I think Bush did a lot of good thing, he also did a lot of bad things. The media made much of the bad because they didn't like him, they made sure, BTW to paint Bush as a racist that hated ALL Blacks, and yet 'forgot' to mention Bush spent more in Africa for various HUMANITARIAN thing than ANY president up to his terms!
No, Bush was NOT an angel by ANY stretch, but Obama isn't either!

First you compare him to ...

First you compare him to Hitler (and of course deny it, claim as you have before that you are only repeating the asshole statement of some other asshole - which is far from an innocent act! Then you go and compare him now to Bush?

Get help.

LOL, and as usual, YOU ...

LOL, and as usual, YOU attack what YOU see as a weak part of a discussion, instead of speaking to what the MEAT of my reply was. Is it because you CAN'T and do NOT want to see YOUR man look bad? Even the former Hitler Youths will say 'It was how you survived in Germany, you went along with him or you starved or worse'. THERE was honesty, and honesty YOU seem unable to achieve. So I will make it 'easy' for you to move on and address what I SAID...

Yes, I HAVE compared Obama to Bush, YES I even compared Obama with Hitler (actually, to Hitlers tactics, but those are one in the same, Hitlers people did it in his name, just as Obama's people do what they do in his, and Bush's people did what they did in his name as well)!

Now, 'happy'? Now explain why YOUR fav president is doing EXACTLY THE SAME THINGS HITLER DID, THE SAME THINGS BUSH DID AND YOU GIVE HIM A WALK????????

TGIX Walter compared what ...

TGIX Walter compared what Obama said to what Hitler was saying. Please explain to me how that is calling him Hitler? Obama is failing and failing badly. He has fucked this country up in 6 months no president has ever done that. The deficit is over a TRILLION DOLLARS. It is going to get higher unemployment is at 16.9 percent when you add everyone in including those that have just given up looking for jobs. It is expected to hit over 25 percent.

You claim he is wonderful president you defiantly are snorting something. People like you are blind and not open minded you take what your party says and it is all good. Walter has totally destroyed any thing you have said and you cannot even defend Obama.

This presidency will turn out to be the worst in the history of our country. I can only come to one conclusion. You are a socialist true blue socialist. Of course you will deny it but everyone here knows it.

Oh hey walter TGIX has ...

Oh hey walter TGIX has already reported me you diolma and slappy.

I wish he would!

I wish he would!

You jerkoffs would ...

You jerkoffs would actually convince yourselves that anything Sarah Palin says is true, even if she said it was safe to drink oil from Alaskahhh just because you are so smitten with her looks. She looks like a bimbo 50's brainless housewife of the stereotype you saw on the shows back in the 60's and 70's ala Happy Days. You bird brains of a feather do flock together. LOL!!!!!!!

Hmmm, I see TGIX brought ...

Hmmm, I see TGIX brought HIS favorite love out to the open. Must have been mad that we didn't bring her up first!

Note: he STILL hasn't actually responded to the replies. Like a 'true' HYPOCRITE, he won't reply to what the issues are, just feels better if he shouts 'YOU ARE IDIOTS, I AM RIGHT' without actually responding to what he claims he is right about, does he?

Typical. I think I will email TGIX to that snitch site!!! (c;}



Again TGIXs president is ...

Again TGIXs president is failing so badly he can not even defend him. He has no answer to this subject of any other that you or I bring up.