Forgive If I am Wrong.....

Um....Since Obama is a public official shouldn't his criminal record be a matter of public record? Granted these officers should have had something better to do than playing around at work but beyond that I don't see what the big deal is about it all.


I believe you ARE wrong. ...

I believe you ARE wrong. WHAT so-called "criminal record" are you talking about?

If you can go around talking about something like my "cancer diagnosis" you would be making it appear that I have cancer. I do not. You would be lying (and getting away with it) without actually lying but the result would be the same. Everyone would be thinking that the supposed cancer diagnosis of TGIX means TGIX actually HAS cancer. I do not. And so you would get away with your insinuation without actually lying yet the effect of your disguised lie would be the same. Everyone would believe that TGIX's "cancer diagnosis" means I have cancer. A cancer diagnosis means ONLY that a diagnosis about cancer was made NOTTTTT that I have the disease. The SAME is true for the idiotic talk about "Obama's criminal record" EVERYONE and I mean EVERYONE can be said to have a "criminal record" because for most of us, LIKE OUR PRESIDENT BARAK OBAMA, have a BLANK criminal record. It can still be said to be "a criminal record" however BLANKKKK it IS but that does not stop the most obvious attempt to insinuate that he is a criminal because you said "criminal record" and that is what people remember, they think that means he has "a record" even when he doesn't.

What kind of asshole would want to do that to our President who has NO criminal record of any sort whatsoever? Why would You want to perpetuate the republican attempt (like so many of their other BOGUS attempts) to disparage this fine and decent person who is NOT a criminal?

I don't get it. Are people really that Sick in the head that they have some demented need to berate this great man just because of his skin color or what?

I'd love for just ONCE for our fellow countrymen and women to judge a person for who they are and not for things like what genes their parents have. Look at Bush for instance, the WORST President EVER and he is white - PROOF POSITIVE that race has nothing whatsoever to do with ability or morality. I say it that way because I do believe Bush had a LOT more ability but ZERO morality as born out by his actions. Actions speak SOOOOO much louder than words.

DAMN, tgix! What is it ...

DAMN, tgix! What is it going to take to wise you up?????????????

This is what the democrats ...

This is what the democrats did to Joe the Plumber and TGIX was ok with it. So whats the problem TGIX? You should have no problem with it at all.

TGIX first off shame on ...

TGIX first off shame on you for playing the race card when race wasn't mentioned at all. Could it be that all the criticism he is getting is maybe because of the lackluster job he's doing? Could it be he's made lofty promises and hasn't delivered? We're going to see the race card played everytime Obama doesn't get his way, what fun time we are going to have over the next three years.

Any public officials criminal record (clean or not) should be public record, and any politicians who oppose that shouldn't be elected or re-elected. Obama doesn't have a criminal record but that should also be made public.

The difference between you and Obama is that you are a private citizen and Obama is not. As a citizen you have an expectation of privacy that the President does not.

"It can still be said to be

You all should listen to ...

You all should listen to yourselves.