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The first post wouldn't let me upload this picture. I hope it works this time.

What a perfect time to have gone "down east" (that's what they call it here up north - "down east". When I go online my puter tells me about hot weather health alerts from back home.

Anyway, this is one wonderful vacation so far. Got a Dodge Charger at the rental car place - Don't love the way it drives like an old Ford boat style, heavy and loose in the steering. Sure looks nice but what a freaking box it really is. Japanese have us beat SO badly when it comes to style And quality, even the Koreans. I had an option of a Camry or a Sonata, both cars I am very familiar with and am OK with, but I thought it'd be nice to try something different, to try the new "muscle car". It's basically a dog in most ways. Oh well, it works, no real problem but I Sure Would NOT ever own one.

So with biking in Acadia National Park, tennis, hiking mountains like Champlain while picking wild blueberries by the bucket-full along the way, making blueberry pie and putting heaps of them on our ice cream - YUM! - just having a grand old time.

Lobster has probably never been cheaper since the time way back when it was considered a "trashy food" only fit for slaves so they were all fed to slaves and no one else would touch them. We're talking as low as $250/lb boat price and $4.99 at the lobster shacks. Only two years ago we paid $20/lb for two pounders. It's insane and I haven't even had one yet which is almost even More Insane! Getting some tonight for dinner though.


Eat some lobster, man! And ...

Eat some lobster, man! And send me a few! lol.

Glad you're having a good time in Maine. It's so gorgeous out there!

And I think the Charger is one fugly car. Sorry to anyone that owns one. But it looks like a rectangle on wheels. :-P

You drove a dodge no ...

You drove a dodge no wonder it sucked. Next time try a Chevy they handle much better then and dodge POS. Nice picture by the way.

Oh Maine my home state ...

Oh Maine my home state where I was raised.

Hip hip hurrah for Chevy!! ...

Hip hip hurrah for Chevy!!

*hugs my Aveo*

For the record, I have ...

For the record, I have nothing against Chevy's. In fact I have a tremendous appreciation for the art that goes into car design and the entire history of the auto, so much so that I took a class in the History of the American Automobile when at the Maryland Institute College of Art. That was one Serious course too, not some silly meaningless "elective". And my favorite piece of artwork Ever is something else (as in Something ELSE) but my second is the '66 Corvette. I believe I mentioned the first before but just in case I didn't, that's a window with a picture frame around it at the Ladew Gardens some 20+ acres of extraordinary topiary around the Ledew estate house and mounted in a little miniature looking building called the Tivoli Tea House. Mr. Ladew imported it from London where it was the ticket station for the Tivoli Theatre. And the little brass plate beneath it bearing the title of this artwork, this window to the world of the impeccably maintained and breath taking Ladew Gardens reads "The Ever Changing Landscape". Not EVEN a '66 Corvette can beat that.