Fucking federal government.


So I open my mail from my bank and what do I see?

Dear customer due to the changes in federal legislation. It has become necessary to update our credit card accounts. We will now be using a variable rate formula.

You will now be charged 17.40 percent interest. mad.gif

That is up from 10.9 percent. mad.gif

What the blank were these people thinking?


Sad but true, mad vulcan, ...

Sad but true, mad vulcan, the FFG is getting out of hand.

I know exactly whatcha ...

I know exactly whatcha mean!! My charge card was supposed to be at 9.9% for the life of the card unless I made late payments.

I called customer service yesterday since my minimum payments seem to have accelerated..and they told me that at one time my interest rates had at one time been 17.9% (even thought I'd NEVER made a late payment)...and they'd recently come down to 15.9%...just because.

Just Because??

"Well", the CSR explained...you must have gotten a statement in the mail along with your regular statement stating this change....

I about went through the roof since I'd NEVER made a late payment since I had the card.....and the agreement when I signed for the card was 9.9% interest unless I made a late payment!

Then all of a sudden they must have sent out this mouse print statement saying that they were raising my interest rates (who reads all that crap anyways??)....

It's underhanded as hell!!

That's your reward for paying on time

All of my account interest rates have been raised in spite of paying on time and more than the minimum amount due.

Are they trying to get us to go back to an all cash society?