Yeah. That's how I feel right now. Ugh, I'm SO flippin' sleepy. I got a full nights sleep. About 8 hours. Only woken up once by Abby, and Adam took her out. Wait....or was that me that took her out this morning? Nevermind, that was me that took her out.

Anyhow, I'm rambling. My sinuses are still a little stuffed up. My nose is still leaky a little. And my nostril is raw from all the tissue-rubbing. I don't know why I didn't call of of work today. I guess when I woke up I felt heaps better than yesterday and figured I'd be fine. But noooo! Sleeeeeep. I need sleep. And Adam's sister is hosting a Lia Sophia party tonight at my house. Even though I would prefer peace and quiet...there will be drinks and snacks. YUM! I won't pass that up.

I tried working on expense reports today, but I'll have to do that monday. I can't concentrate on them. Someone mentioned I look "pale and out of it." While I disagree about the pale comment (though my legs are freaking glowing, I do look a bit gone. And my hair looks weird today. It's too flat.

Anyhow....I'll leave you all alone, now. I'm sure you're looking at this post with an eyebrow raised and whacking yourself in the head with a shoe trying to figure out what the fuuck I'm going on about.





I've been gone for a ...

I've been gone for a spell, I take it you got married in my absence.....BEST WISHES. Tootle back atcha!

Lia Sophia is a jewelry ...

Lia Sophia is a jewelry company. Purchased only by catalogue. Home parties usually how people come by the jewlery and the catalogue. It's actually kind of fun.

Hope ya feel better soon! ...

Hope ya feel better soon! And in the future..as soon as you feel a yucky sore throat coming on...take some ecinacia...(it's a vitamin)....it'll kick it out in a heartbeat!!

I am feeling better now. ...

I am feeling better now. My nose is a tad dripey but it's not stuffed anymore. And I actually sound like me again. lol.

And thanks for the drug suggestion. :-)