My god it feels almost as if we're being assaulted by advertising these days, there is no getting away from it. It's all over TV, at the movie theaters, newspapers, video games, gas station price signs, and even in the bathroom.

I think all this advertising is going to backfire, people are becoming more and more oblivious to it, to the point where it will be ignored altogether. I'm a business man so I can recognize the need to get your business name out there but there has to be a point where we all say enough is enough. I don't wanna be forced to see ads for Ex-Lax while relieving myself in front of a urinal. I certainly don't want drivers looking at billboards while driving, their eyes belong on the road.

What do you think are we being overloaded by advertising? Should there be limits placed on where ads should be placed? Or are you okay with the amount of ads we see?

In regards to the article above....will it affect your TV viewing habits? Will you reconsider your Tivo or cable/satellite subscription in the future?


I was soooooo surprised to ...

I was soooooo surprised to see an ad (I think it was for Tide detergent) while waiting for a movie to start at the theater.

You are correct about becoming oblivious to it. I dont pay attention to ads much. I hate it when the commercials are 10x louder than what you are watching. I will usually find something on HBO or Cinemax to avaoid commercials.

What really irritates me is Sirrus radio. I had XM because they had more music channels that only had station identifications every 5 songs. Now they are SirrusXM every freaking channel talks talks talks and commercials with very little music. I have cancelled my service because I dont want to pay to listen to that. I paid to get commercial and talk free music.

I have xm radio too and ...

I have xm radio too and was so shocked when I heard commercials!!! not a lot mind you but just one was enough to set me off! I like the channels so I still have the service cuz it's better than reg. radio! I can't take reg. radio. but I know that siriusXM got together cuz of money problems and that's prob why they have commercials. and don't even talk about the movies! more commercials than movie trailers!!! the only time I WATCH commercials is the Superbowl. I record everything on DVR even if I'm home just so I can forward thru the damn commercials!

I agree. I know that I ...

I agree. I know that I myself am sick to death of all the ads for male enhancement drugs, sex aids, and depression ads. Who the heck wants to look at a couple all cuddly and stuff while the bedroom door shuts while watching tv with the kids. Not only that but that stupid Enzite (or whatever it's called) commercial where everyone wants to sit on Santa's lap and the guy makes holes in one all over the golf course with a HUGE smile on his face (UGH!!).

Funny..but stupid.

And then there are the commercials for depression meds. Showing a bunch of depressed people while they play depressing music and then all of a sudden at the end..the people are happier than clams after they take the meds!!

Life is not like that!

The advertisers with these fancy billboards on the highway are also getting out of line as their billboards demand you to look. I don't know what's worse....competing with people yapping on their cell phones..or those fancy ass billboards demanding your attention because you've just GOTTA look!!...making the highways dangerous as hell!!

You also mentioned ads in the mens/women's cans. Those are just as bad!! Before too long they'll be paying restaurants to advertise on their plates..and when your plate is seen an advertisement for something or other...

I know that sounds crazy but I'll bet that idea isn't so far fetched in this day and age.

So yeah...there is waaay too much advertisement out there...can't watch a single tv show without putting up with 5-6 ads in between while waiting for your regular program to continue.

Oh well..guess it gives people more time to visit the fridge....while they complain that this country is getting so

I HATE commercials. ...

I HATE commercials. Especially when I go to a website and an ad covers the whole fuucking screen.

Or at Cheesecake Factory their menu is filled with ads of local businesses. Though, I've never been to any other CF other than the one by me. So I don't know how others do their menu.

Now they have automatic highway ads where the ad changes on the screen. Seriously, how many people see an ad for something (other than advertising a local event) and say, "Wow! I didn't know that! I think I'll shop there." I sure as hell don't. I don't even pay attention to them half the time.

Stupid ads.

Early to bed, early to ...

Early to bed, early to rise
work like hell and Advertise

- Ted Turner

p.s. it works.