WHY!!?? another "so sad" one


Some people are seriously ...

Some people are seriously effed up. Poor kid could have easily been saved.

Boy I am torn on this one. ...

Boy I am torn on this one. I mean my kid ya I am getting medical help. But then you have the state stepping on religion. It kind of reminds me of the Terry Schievo case. We have Mennonites here that will not go to the doctors office here they have there own doctors which do not practice modern medical procedures and the state leave them alone.

Not smart on the parents but does the state really have the authority to step in on someone religion? Here in WV they are allowed to handle rattlesnakes at church. If you get bitten you have the option of getting anti venom or believe god will save you.

Several people have died.

I agree. The parents ...

I agree. The parents didn't intentionally kill her. Putting them in jail would do no good.