so sad


A couple of years ago, ...

A couple of years ago, within a two week span of time, I was faced head on with a woman driving the wrong way straight towards me in my lane. One time was just at about 15 mph but a head on collision with her would have been the same as driving 30mph straight into a brick wall. The other was going 50 and accelerating as she was entering the highway.

One of my favorite jokes is about the guy who one morning hears on the radio news how some driver is going the wrong way in rush hour traffic. Knowing his wife uses that road to get to work he calls her on her cell phone to warn her. When he tells her about the wrong-way driver she yells "IT'S NOT JUST ONE OF THEM! IT'S HUNDREDS OF THEM GOING THE WRONG WAY!"

I went the wrong way on a ...

I went the wrong way on a one-way street once, it wasn't marked properly - and apparently lots of people did it there. I had a friend once that did the same thing (at a different place) and she got stopped by a cop. There was NO sign other then the first one to tell her she was going the wrong way! It's scary to be driving down the road and then all of a sudden you realize you're going the wrong way!! Some just aren't marked well, and once you're on it you have no clue because there no more signs!!