Rant and Rave


I am so tired of everyone who thinks the government should run health care! In case these people haven't figured it out yet, anything the government touches turns to absolute crap!

People want government run health care, looking at medicare and medicade should dissaude people from wanting government run healthcare. Another telling factor is looking at the health care we give our soldiers, its shameful and I for one don't want that kind of medical treatment!

The government has run social security into the ground, don't count on being able to live on it when you're old, it won't be there. Do you still want these jokers in charge of your health?

And before this becomes a Republican vs Democrat debate, I'll point out that both side have done plenty to screw things up royally. Its high time out "leaders" stop voting solely based upon political lines and just do the right thing. I still say we should just purge them all and start all over, replace them all with everyday practical people who know how to get things done!

National health care isn't the answer folks, but affordable healhcare is! We need to have the government help our healhcare professionals find ways to provide cheaper services. We could do so by providing government money so aging hospitals could replace old equipment with new more efficient machines. The government could provide tax breaks for medical facilities to make improvements to buildings or new construction.


Under Obamas plan old ...

Under Obamas plan old people will die. They will no longer be guaranteed medical for the rest of there life. If a person that is 84 years old needs a pace maker Obama will just say give them a pill. The government will weigh the cost of giving an old person an operation saying well it will only prolong there life for a fee years so whats the point just like England does. Old people will lose there medicare.

"I still say we should ...

"I still say we should just purge them all and start all over, replace them all with everyday practical people who know how to get things done!"

TOTALLY!!! no argument there!

People are dying NOW ...

People are dying NOW because the system is broken.

Private business has proven itself unable to manage itself properly. The costs are absurd - pay $10 a pill for something here that we make here, in the same plant, and export to other countries where it is sold for 50

Two Things. Give me one ...

Two Things. Give me one example where someone has died because they could not get medical treatment under medicaid? Since you think business cannot manage itself properly you want the government to take over the company that you work for right TGIX. You want the government to take over the health care your company provides you right because you think they can do it better.

Again you distort my posts. People that are under medicaid will die under Obamas plan.

Well it has been a few ...

Well it has been a few days you can't give an example so you concede the point I love winning.