Inconsiderate people.


Ok so I am sitting at the store patiently waiting for the gas pumps. Some motorcycle guy with his wife are at the pumps and they are finished pumping they go in the store pay for there gas. So they take there good old sweet time getting ready to leave. Well the lady goes back in the store and buys something else. No big deal I am just waiting. So they take there time putting there gloves on equipment on and finally after about 15 minutes they get on the motorcycle and leave.

I am not irritated at this point because I know you have to put your stuff on to go. So as they pull out I put my truck into gear and just before I hit the gas some other motorcycles pull in and jump in right in front of me man I was pissed. I have a Chevy Silverado Crew cab so I just hit the fucking gas with about 15 motorcycles pulling in spin the tires just make sure they new I was pissed off. Lucky I didn't take any of them out.

Well the guy that owns the store is a buddy of mine he called and apologized for what they did I said it is not your fault he said well he told that it was not right what they did. But they seen me in line for the pumps and pulled right in front me. I should have gotten out the shotgun from the back seat and took em all out. Just kidding but that just really angers someone.


What's that old ...

What's that old saying:

He who hesitates, masturbates....

BTW - I thought you said you were done coming here?

LOL, sorry but that WAS ...

LOL, sorry but that WAS really rude!

rude of them!

rude of them!

I said I was going to take ...

I said I was going to take a break. I wanted to get away from the political postings.

Wow, that's pretty rude! I ...

Wow, that's pretty rude! I would have been pissed, too.

I actually did that to a truck driver the other day. Totally by accident. I saw him sitting off to the side. I pulled into the station from off the street and crossed in front of him to get to the pump. He began moving forward as I pulled past him. I thought he was leaving. As I'm pumping I see him pull into another spot to pump. I think I stole the pump he was going to use. I felt bad but I had no way of knowing that he was waiting to pull into the spot.

I have to agree with Mad ...

I have to agree with Mad Vulcan as it has happened to me also!!

I'm sitting there waiting for a pump at a very busy gas station. The people in front of me pump their gas and then take FOREVER to come out of the gas station only to take their cooler out of the back of their SUV..and fill the cooler up..while I'm sitting there waiting!!

They not only filled their cooler up..but they sat there and tried to put the cans so that every other was Coke..Pepsi..Beer...Coke..Pepsi..Beer...

For the love of GAWD~!!

Shotguns are good. I have ...

Shotguns are good. I have a winchester 12 ga. defender and know how to use it.....

Ya Have to Wonder

What the heck is wrong with people these days and the power of rudeness practically everywhere you go!!

It's gotten to be just about Me..Me .ME!! I win..I go first!!  Most people couldn't give a crap about anyone else's just all about them!!

It's soo annoying and frustrating to the rest of us that have been raised to be polite. Hold doors open for people when you walk into a store and there's someone behind you. Waving people through traffic to let them go ahead first. Some people will drive past and wave thank you; but then there are others that just look straight ahead and drive away.

In the warmer months when I know their windows are down, I'll often holler, "You're WELCOME!!", but half the time they don't even hear me because they're in their own little worlds!!