Give Us Your Feedback

While we're quite confident our investment in mindreading technology paid off—allowing us to design the perfect website for expressing your pet peeves—we thought we'd go ahead and ask you just in case. So, how did we do?

What do you like about this website? Where do you see room for improvement? I know you're all shy people by nature, but we'd appreciate it if you could post your comments on this announcement to tell us what you really think.



Good site, I needed a place to vent. I think you should format it so that we can see more of the rants to get a better idea of whether or not we want to read the whole thing. RIght now there just isn't enough to go by and I don't feel like clicking on every rant to read them. THanks!

Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks for the feedback! We've doubled the maximum number of characters that will appear in the teasers, so you should start to see more text now as new rants are posted.

WebSite Shortcoming

This website is very poor at providing decent instructions on haw to [1] use the overall site, [2] perform a specific task {IE: how to edit a post, prior to final 'SAVE' [3] There should be a 'drop down' menu detailing everything a person needs to know, to utilize each and every function/option, for each and every page a person can 'pull up/go to' on the entire website. The FAQs are totally worthless.

In other words a 'Glossary' of functions, and how specifically to use them, make a POST, how to EDIT errors, and all the other things which are NOT explained throughout the website.

Thank you for the feedback,

Thank you for the feedback, AZK. I'm sorry if we've caused you any frustration. Our goal is to provide the most intuitive user experience possible.

We will reevaluate all the help text and FAQs on to see if we can improve things. However, it would be very helpful if you could give some specific examples of problems you've encountered. What functions/options did you find confusing? Where there things that didn't function the way you expected them to? What were they, what did you expect and what actually happened? Are there any questions you've wanted to ask that we could add to our FAQs?

I'm afraid we've received precious little feedback from the community since launching this new website design, so any constructive criticism you can provide is welcome and will be taken quite seriously.

Ummm, I don't think so

Sorry, this is a mess.

The headers are bad and from what I see there's topics in small print scattered throughout the site.

NOT easy to navigate AT ALL

Thank you for submitting a

Thank you for submitting a comment, pmartel, but could you please expand on what you said a bit? You can either reply here, or reach me through my personal contact form.

When you say the headers are bad, which headers are you referring to and what about them is bad? Are you talking about the content of the text, or the layout and the way they look? Also, what do you mean by "topics in small print scattered throughout the site"?

As for the navigation, can you tell me what you were trying to find or accomplish that you had trouble with? What would have made it easier? What made it confusing?

Finally, if things look weird on the site, or don't seem to be displaying correctly, then can you let me know what web browser (including the version number) you are using?

The user experience on is very important to us, but we can only improve things if we get feedback from the community.

Your website

I am a new member of Pet Pet Peeves and I like your website!

I am a comedienne and pet peeves make great material for my act!

My Peeves

When I log in and want to see my own peeves, what do I do?

By the way, this is a great outlet for everyone to vent!




I'm glad you like the site, Usobakatare. Once you log in, you should see a link on the right side of the top navigation bar that says "Profile." That will take you to your user profile, where you can see your pet peeves and edit them if you wish. You'll also see a tab on your profile which can show you all the rants you've posted. I hope this helps.

Thanks for the comment and happy ranting!

How do I edit my pet peeves?

Thanks for the response.  However, when I get to my profile page,  what steps do I take to edit my peeve(s)?  I clicked on my peeves, but all I can do is change their order.  Thanks again.


Hello, jstoller.  Any answer to how I can edit my peeves?  Shouldn't this function be simple?  Or shall we all move on to other open forum sights?

Adding Pet Peeves

Hi usobakatare. When you are on your profile page, click the "Edit" tab, then click the "Profile" link below that. You should now be on a page where you can edit your personal information. If you scroll down to the "My Pet Peeves" section, by default it should show one empty text field to enter a pet peeve. However, below these text fields there is a button that says "Add another item." Clicking this button will add an additional text field to the list. This allows you to add as many pet peeves as your heart desires! And of course, you can reorder your pet peeves by dragging the little handle on the left side of each text field. Once you are all done making changes, click the "Save" button at the bottom of the form and your profile will be updated.

I hope this answers your question and improves your experience with