Launches New Website

For far too long, one of the major peeves expressed by users was the website itself. In order to address this, Pet Peeves, LLC teamed up with Stoller Design Associates to develop a completely new website.

The result is a more user friendly website, with many of the features our users have been clamoring for. And the site is built on a more powerfull foundation, which will allow us to add even more enhancements over time. It's now much easier to find and post Rants. We've expanded user profiles so you can now follow your friends Rants, or bookmark your favorites. And don't miss the new MyPetPeeves store!

We're very proud of the new website and we hope it exceedes your expectations. So please tell your friends about it and start Ranting! Our goal is to remain the best space on the web for everyone to express their pet peeves. What's Yours?



If your goal was 'The result is a more user friendly website', I'm sure glad I didn't join during the previous websites era.  It had to be almost totally unfriendly to users. Se my other posting today, regarding the website SHORTCOMING.

To be a Successful

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